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Be sure to review the safety page before participating.

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Read the room rules below before continuing.
Yes, really.


Currently the site has been experiencing problems, back up IRC channel:[/b]

Room Rules, please take a moment to read or skim. They are important and breaking these rules may result in winning a ticket that can be redeemed for either a temporary vacation from the room or a permanent one.

1) Don't do stuff to other people that you don't want done to you. Second, don't impose things on other people that you wouldn't want imposed on you.

2) Since all of us are in different time zones and sometimes some users may be at work or with their family, please tag links that you post with either NSFW/NSFL accordingly. Those are easy to see and help other users out. DO NOT DECEPTIVELY LINK. You will get banned for this.

3) We're a tolerant room, no homophobia, racism, bigotry, etc here. If you feel that you cannot keep quiet about your personal beliefs on these types of matters, this room is not for you.

4) If you should have issues with something someone says or does in here, bring it up first to them in a PM. If that fails to get the issue resolved, use /tellmods to talk to the moderation staff in a private message. We’ll take it from there.

5) If you're creating a new username on here, please use one that is similar or is your reddit username. Making your username to mimic another user's name is against the rules; this includes nicknames. Don't do it, you'll get kicked or get a time out.

All else said, have a great time here with our little reddit vaping community.

Don't worry, we don't bite. Also, if you're an asshole, trust me, you're going to get banned. -chinatbag

This site usually works best on CHROME.

Firefox, Safari and Opera are also supported. IE8 may only show a single cam in a room. IE9 will usually view cams but sometimes fails to show your own cam when broadcasting.

If you have trouble viewing/transmitting on Firefox on a Mac, try switching to Safari or Chrome.

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