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Date revised: December 21, 2014 (Added one more thing to rule #7).
1. NO CAPPING/PRINTSCREENING/SCREENSHOTTING ALLOWED. If you hint that you are capping, advocating capping, visit sites that host caps, or being associated with other individuals that cap, you will be banned. All capping bans are permanent.
2. Be polite and courteous to those on cam. Do not bloop (@name) cammers with their microphone on. No playing favorites and no comparing (including contests). Also girls will show if they want, no telling girls it's their turn. Additionally, if there's nudity on cam and you cam up clothed or are on cam clothed, you may be asked to cam down.
3. When a cammer is completely nude or doing more than that, do not disrupt the chat flow towards someone that’s not on cam or any other irrelevant topics.
4. Do not talk about other icanhazchat rooms. 24hr ban, no questions asked. Anyone poaching or bringing users/cammers to other rooms will be permanently banned.
5. Requests are fine as long as they are not excessively demeaning or repetitive.
6. No mancams unless permission is given by an owner. Couple cams are ok as long as the female is the center of attention.
7. Please speak only English in mainchat. You might be banned if you're incapable of expressing a complete thought in English. If you constantly say things like "amazing," "wow," "hi," "nice," or other forms of broken English such as "open cam," "please audio on," etc, you might be banned.
8. No harassing other users. This includes excessive pming or asking personal questions(including location). Don't ask them to show face, give your/exchange/get their skype / MSN / AIM / phone # / Snapchat / game ID's / kik etc. Do not jeopardize the cammer's anonymity in any way. If you want to report something, you can use /tellmods or send a message directly to the owners.
9. Refer to the people on cam with their current nickname only. Do not use previous nicknames they might've used.
10. We have set a PM karma limit for a reason (Currently set at 9,000). If you message another user out of the chatrooms main chat (including offline messages) when you, or the recipient, have less karma than the PM limit, or ask them to message you out of the chatroom's main chat, you will be permabanned.
11. All cammers must be 18+ and may be asked to agecheck at a mod's discretion. Non-mods should not spam mainchat with agecheck requests; mods will handle any agecheck issues.
12. Do not ask about girls who are not on cam. Don't talk about girls that are not in the room. Don't ask what happened before you came in, don't ask for ways to find them outside this site.
13. Please respect these women the same way you would your grandmother, mom, sister, friend, or wife. Women are delicate flowers and require care if you truly want them to blossom into the perfect princesses they can all be.
14. Any type of spoilers (movie, tv, book, whatever) will result in a 3 day ban, at least. If you're not sure if its a spoiler? Assume it is.
15. We encourage participation in chat. People who are constant idlers/lurkers/etc may be banned for lack of participation.
16 No names that could be seen as hateful or demeaning, almost random in nature, or names in reference to other users are allowed and will be kicked or banned.

-- Moderators reserves the right to take action (kick, silence, ban, etc.) against any user, as they see fit, for reasons that are not mentioned above.

Need help? use /tellmods message here
or message the owners -

We encourage the use of unique usernames just for this room.


Search Tinychat, 4HDS, ChatRoulette, Omegle and other cam sites to find girls willing to come here. 18+ girls only.

This site usually works best on CHROME.

Firefox, Safari and Opera are also supported. IE8 may only show a single cam in a room. IE9 will usually view cams but sometimes fails to show your own cam when broadcasting.

If you have trouble viewing/transmitting on Firefox on a Mac, try switching to Safari or Chrome.

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