What's New
Late Friday 8/1/2014
Adding debugging information for some bugs being reported, ...
Tuesday 7/29/2014
Optimizations/dead code removal, room owners/mods can now see emoti-meme summary on one page (linked on roomsettings/mod page), ...
Sunday 7/27/2014
Fix for broken/lost owners@roomname messages, ...
Sunday 7/20/2014
Tweaking settings for preventing external broadcasters from hogging too much bandwidth, ...
Saturday 7/19/2014
Bug fixes, sprinkled magic fairy dust on 40% of the code, ...
Saturday 7/12/2014
Room settings page rewrite - should be faster for rooms with more configuration, ...
Tuesday 7/8/2014
bug fixes, stuff and nonsense :) ...
Sunday 7/6/2014
bug fixes, arrrr, also, ... optimizations :) ...
Wednesday 7/2/2014
bugfixes, trophy gifting optimizations, ...
Tuesday 7/1/2014
offline message bugfixes, ...
Friday 6/27/2014
fixed trophy gifting count issue (only affects people that ~just~ got hearted), karma limit fixes, other bug fixes/optimizations, ...
Thursday 6/26/2014
disabling spellchecker on room setting page, bug fixes/optimizations, ...
Wednesday 6/25/2014
bug fixes/optimizations, ...
Friday 6/20/2014
bug fixes/optimizations, ...
Thursday 6/19/2014
Adding some debugging information for bot debugging, optimizations, ...
Wednesday 6/18/2014
Stuff and more nonsense, ...
Saturday 6/14/2014
Stuff and more nonsense, ...
Tuesday 6/10/2014
Stuff and nonsense, ...
Friday 6/6/2014
bug fixes and what nots, ...
Saturday 6/1/2014
minor fixes, improved how room backs look on the front page, ...
Saturday 5/31/2014
minor fixes, ...
Tuesday 5/27/2014
minor fixes, ...
Friday 5/23/2014
minor fixes, ...
Thursday 5/22/2014
better updating of recent room lists, bug fixes, stuff and nonsense, ...
Tuesday 5/20/2014
bug fixes, stuff and nonsense, ...
Wednesday 5/14/2014
bug fixes, stuff and nonsense, ...
Saturday 5/10/2014
bug fixes, stuff and nonsense, ...
Wednesday 4/30/2014
default user profile pics can now vary based on the day of the week, ...
Wednesday 4/23/2014
/tellme formatting changes/improvements, you can now unfollow (or follow) deactivated accounts, ...
Thursday 4/17/2014
minor fixes/improvements, ...
Tuesday 4/15/2014
speedtesting, ...
Monday 4/14/2014
re-added 'feedback' button, tweaks, ...
Saturday 4/12/2014
Some temporary workarounds for the massive DNS failures, ...
Friday 4/11/2014
Bug fixes over the past few weeks (forgot to update this), URL hotlinking improvements, fixed PMs for text-only chat, ...
Monday 3/24/2014 and Tuesday 2/25/2014
Stuff and nonsense
Friday 3/21/2014
Speedtest.net integration/test page, some trophies can now be received multiple times (count shown on hover, still work-in-progress)
Wednesday 3/12/2014
Tweaks and bug fixes
Saturday 3/8/2014
Bug fixes
Monday 2/24/2014
Moved servers... improved the in-chat trophy-gifting flow...
Monday 2/17/2014
Bug fixes, and optimization/rewrite
Friday 2/14/2014
Happy valentine's day!
Thursday 2/13/2014
More fixes and tweaks, ...
Wednesday 2/5/2014
fixes and tweaks, ...
Saturday 2/1/2014
likely fix for recent problem of cam blocking being lost, '/forgive *' now responds to just the mods and not the entire room, other small fixes and tweaks, ...
Thursday 1/30/2014
fixes and tweaks, ...
Wednesday 1/22/2014
blocking fixes and tweaks, ...
Monday 1/20/2014
fixes and tweaks, ...
Tuesday 1/14/2014
fixes and tweaks, ...
Wednesday 1/8/2014
fixes and tweaks, ...
Monday 1/6/2014
minor fixes and tweaks, ...
Friday 1/3/2014
minor fixes and tweaks, ...
Thursday 1/2/2014
minor bug fixes and ui tweaks, ...
Sunday 12/29/2013
minor ui tweaks, ...
Saturday 12/28/2013
Longer-term site supporters get more reserved nicks, spin-the-bottle now successfully bloops the person it lands on, now randomizing room back images used on room graphic on main page (when there is more than one), bug fixes, secret santa page updates, ...
Monday 12/23/2013
Fix for that site derp this AM, other smallish fixes, ...
Saturday 12/21/2013
minor bug fix with bogus cam-block warning, ...
Friday 12/20/2013
bug fixes and optimizations...
Wednesday 12/18/2013
PM boxes update based on nick changes, fix for minimize PM box taking '2 lines' on Chrome, muzzled user names are now clickable (for mods that have notifications enabled), bug fixes and optimizations...
Monday 12/16/2013
Bug fixes and optimizations...
Friday 12/13/2013
Bug fixes, accounts not needed (if room owners configure it), ...
Monday 12/9/2013
Bug fixes...
Sunday 12/8/2013
Secret Santa improvements, bug fixes...
Saturday 12/7/2013
Various bug fixes, improving the new /play command (again), yada yada, ...
Friday 12/6/2013
Various bug fixes, improving the new /play command,
Thursday 12/5/2013
Bug reporting fix, room ban fix, now logging when and who closer their room, ...
Tuesday 12/3/2013
Secret santa updates, ...
Monday 12/2/2013
bug fixes, optimizations, witch craft, bug reports/feedback button is now integrated with ICHC offline messages again :) , ...
Saturday 11/30/2013
bug fixes, ...
Friday 11/29/2013
bug fixes, ...
Friday 11/22/2013
layout fixes, ...
Thursday 11/21/2013
layout fixes, ...
Monday 11/18/2013
bug fixes! optimizations!, better layout on /settings/trophies for different screensizes, starting to activate 'secret santa' sign-ups...
Friday 11/15/2013
Now have the option of hiding many site-level trophies (http://www.icanhazchat.com/settings/trophies), bug fixes and optimizations :) , ...
Thursday 11/14/2013
Improved weekly room stats charting, on-cam mods should now be able to nick change in no-nicked-mods rooms, bug fixes and optimizations :) , ...
Tuesday 11/12/2013
bug fixes and optimizations :) , ...
Saturday 11/9/2013
minor settings page improvements, room stats graphing, bug fixes and optimizations :) , ...
Tuesday 11/5/2013
bug fixes and optimizations :) , ...
Saturday 11/2/2013
/set seconds=1 can now be used to set chat message time stamps to HH:MM:SS format, reddit user name format (/u/) now hotlink to reddit, emoti-memes can now use non-alphanumeric characters again, experimenting with auto-fetching youtube video titles, ...
Thursday 10/31/2013
updated bug reporting to use https, added 'markdown' section to help, rewrote help url rewriting, bug fixes and optimizations, ...
Wednesday 10/30/2013
updated the 'forwarded' room page, bug fixes and optimizations, ...
Tuesday 10/29/2013
bug fixes and optimizations, ...
Friday 10/25/2013
More helpful sign-in (if you try to use an email address), emotimemes bug fixes and optimizations, ...
Thursday 10/24/2013
Updated the site footer and improved other layout/typograophy issues, ...
Wednesday 10/23/2013
Optimizations and improved error handling, ...
Monday 10/21/2013
Small tweaks and bug fixes, improve /settings page layout a smidgen, ...
Sunday 10/20/2013
Small tweaks and bug fixes, ...
Friday 10/18/2013
Internal optmizations, ...
Thursday 10/17/2013
Internal optmizations, ...
Wednesday 10/16/2013
Smoother updates (fingers crossed), minor layout changes, bug fixes, etc ...
Monday 10/14/2013
Tweaks, small bug fixes, better error logging, and optimizations, ...
Saturday 10/12/2013
Room entry improvements, tweaks for mobile devices, experimenting with letting first time site supporters send a site-wide message, ...
Friday 10/11/2013
Large internal rewrite, server-side code should run faster and use less memory, ... with minimal impact on functionality (i.e. breakage), ...
Monday 10/7/2013
Bugs fixes and fun stuff, ...
Sunday 10/6/2013
Room owners, mods, group inviters, etc, can now start a group offline message (documentation coming once more live testing is done), ...
Saturday 10/5/2013
Posts now have an "This is relevant to my interests, shoot me an email when there is a response" option, ...
Friday 10/4/2013
Bug fix for uploading graphics for posts, etc ...
Thursday 10/3/2013
Updated /ragequit to not 30-second-ban everyone else at your house, Possible fixes to help with recent lag-out issues, ...
Wednesday 10/2/2013
Add logging to help diagnose recent lag-out issues, ...
Monday 9/30/2013
Fixes/optimizations... room mods can now set the default room topic (when it is cleared with /topic) and view the list of emoti-memes on the 'For Mods' tab of the room settings page, ...
Wednesday 9/25/2013
Bug fixes and optimizations, etc, ...
Sunday 9/22/2013
Added '/cam refused' command (works similar to '/muzzled' command), small usuability tweaks for posts, etc, ...
Thursday 9/19/2013
Small usuability tweaks, made it so an account isn't required to view 'icanhazchat' group posts (welcome googlebot), etc ...
Monday 9/16/2013
improved the accuracy of 'recent rooms' shown on your front page, to make it easier to re-find rooms you have visited, ...
Sunday 9/15/2013
Thunderstorms! 'emoti-meme' configuration added to the 'owner' section of the room settings page, also, some bug fixes, ...
Thursday 9/12/2013
bug fixes, etc...
Tuesday 9/10/2013
Sunday 9/8/2013
Added the ability to 'hide' individual trophies (helpful later when gifting trophies is supported), ...
Friday 9/6/2013
Layout and bug fixes, ...
Sunday 9/1/2013
Layout and bug fixes, ...
Saturday 8/31/2013
Fixed the Chrome rendering performance issue, more fuzzing of data for nicked people, /messages/ page optimizations, ...
Friday 8/30/2013
Bug fixes, etc...
Wednesday 8/28/2013
Clicking outside of modals (like the /filter pop-up) should close them again, https work (for 'feedback', etc), ...
Monday 8/26/2013
Completing site CSS rewrite (different responsive framework, (mostly) same look/layout for now), bug fixes/optimizations, ...
Friday 8/9/2013
Fixed/opimtized some caching issues, ...
Thursday 8/8/2013
Sign-in and registration page re-work (may fix some 'mobile browser' issues), Reworked 'settings' page to be easier to navigate and mobile-friendly, ...
Wednesday 8/7/2013
Bug fixes, beta testing remembered ignores, ...
Tuesday 8/6/2013
Optimizations and small bug fixes, ...
Monday 8/5/2013
Minor adjustments, ...
Saturday 8/3/2013
Minor adjustments, ...
Thursday 8/1/2013
Bug fixes and tweaks, ...
Wednesday 7/31/2013
Bug fixes and tweaks, ...
Tuesday 7/30/2013
Bug fixes and tweaks, ...
Wednesday 7/24/2013
Bug fixes and tweaks, made the email and reddit verification steps clearer, ...
Sunday 7/21/2013
Bug fixes (badge counts, Reddit verification, etc)
Saturday 7/20/2013
Bug fixes, improved tests, more helpful logging of any Reddit verification failures, ...
Wednesday 7/17/2013
Updated reddit verification thread location, added a room setting for 'no nicked' mods, ...
Later night update: fixed issue with uploading badges...
Monday 7/15/2013
Various bug fixes and optimizations, including improving /video for Firefox users (now draggable, z-order is correct), improved Reddit verification, ...
Sunday 7/14/2013
More consistent karma fuzzing for nicked people, bug fixes...
Saturday 7/13/2013
Fixed IE issues, some layout improvements, etc...
Friday 7/12/2013
Fixed layout of 'settings' page, fixed regression with uploading profile pictures, ...
Thursday 7/11/2013
Added ability to verify Reddit account and use it to reset password (see the bottom of http://www.icanhazchat.com/settings/email to verify it, improvements to email password resets, ...
Wednesday 7/10/2013
Tweaks to the room settings page, ...
Monday 7/8/2013
Possible fix for some unread messages not being auto-marked as 'unread', improved error logging, ...
Sunday 7/7/2013
bug fixes, experiments, also '/set no_pm_key=1' user settings added for Scandanavian keyboard users (with 'Alt Gr' key issues with '@'), ...
Saturday 7/6/2013
bug fixes, reduced the size of the /messages page by 40% for some users (w/ hundreds of messages), better karma fuzzing for current site supporters, ...
Thursday 7/4/2013
Trying a slightly larger PM window, supressing horizontal scroll for particular cases where it isn't needed, subscribers can now create two (2) groups, new July 4th trophies for gifting, room mods can't block PMs/whispers and can now reach people that have PMs/whispers disabled (for mod business), ...
Tuesday 7/2/2013
Minor tweaks, ...
Monday 7/1/2013
Bug fixes, ...
Friday 6/28/2013
Fixed typos and small bugs, ...
Wednesday 6/26/2013
Fixed the over-zealous auto-signins on returning to the site, disallowing '@' during account renaming, fixed using GIFs for profile pictures, ...
Tuesday 6/25/2013
Minor tweaks...
Thursday 6/20/2013
Fixed @all :) , minor room setting layout improvements for some browsers, fixed nick changing while idle, ...
Monday 6/17/2013
Thursday 6/13/2013
Bug fixes...
Sunday 6/9/2013
Small usability tweaks, ...
Saturday 6/8/2013
API bug fixes, ...
Wednesday 6/5/2013
Major internal rewrite to improve code-re-use, ...
Monday 6/3/2013
Minor bug fixes...
Monday 5/27/2013
Updates to support running the site in different server configurations, room owners can now require a verified email to enter a room, room settings page fixes for showing quotes in account lists (self mod list, ban lists, etc),
Monday 5/20/2013
Fixed slow re-caching of room lists (like triggers, account names for ban lists, etc), s ign-in fix for reactivating deactivated accounts, experimenting with adding a "Restrict most mod commands to just being active for room owners and perma mods." option to the 'roomsettings?what=settings' page, etc
Friday 5/17/2013
Large rewrite to help debug data loss issues when running in different server configurations, fixed issue with account deactivation, ...
Monday 5/12/2013
minor tweaks, ...
Saturday 5/11/2013
minor tweaks, ...
Friday 5/10/2013
fixes for toggling 'cam refuse' back off, bug fixing internal rewrite (for new server configurations (upcoming move)), updates that should make future site updates go smoother, signing in on a deactivated account now prompts if they really want to reactivate it (to make it clearer), ...
Thursday 5/9/2013
rewrite to support different server configurations, support for auto-hotlinking URLs in rooms that disable auto-hotlinking for public messages, ...
Wednesday 5/8/2013
Tweaks, testing new account history payment page (/settings/history), ...
Tuesday 5/7/2013
Proxy optimizations, ...
Friday 5/3/2013
http://www.icanhazchat.com/settings/following updates, bug fixes/optimizations, ...
Thursday 5/2/2013
Poll infinite-loop fix, better usability for http://www.icanhazchat.com/settings/following, bug fixes/optimizations, ...
Wednesday 5/1/2013
Beta testing of http://www.icanhazchat.com/settings/following (for all your mass-un-following needs), bug fixes/optimizations, ...
Sunday 4/28/2013
Show 'groups' tab for new users, make it easier for them to find more groups, bug fixes/optimizations, ...
Saturday 4/27/2013
bug fixes, finishing server move, ...
Tuesday 4/23/2013
/cam refuse should now be a toggle - doing it a 2nd time should toggle it back off, various and sundry bug fixes/optimizations, ...
Monday 4/22/2013
Minor fixes/optimizations, ...
Sunday 4/21/2013
'/cam block' fix, added links to 'Cold Turkey' and 'SelfControl' on the 'deactivate' page, 'messages' page improvements (filtering showing messages as 'unread', etc),
Saturday 4/20/2013
Server move!
Thursday 4/18/2013
Offline message blocking fixes, optimizations, data migration, ...
Sunday 4/14/2013
Cam block fixes, DMCA fixes, ...
Friday 4/12/2013 AM
Updated /GetHearted page to better handle non-US formatting of currency (i.e. '4,00' is converted to '4.00' instead of '400), likely work-around for Puffin browser problems, ...
Thursday 4/11/2013 AM
Improved clicking of filtered messages ('unread', 'owners@xyz', etc) in the /messages view, tweaked display of /vog and /wog text, internal optimizations/experiments, ...
Tuesday 4/9/2013 AM
Message view bug fixes, fixed clicking pop-up video links for Firefox users, updated /vog and /wog display, networking experiments, ...
Monday 4/8/2013 AM
Temporary tellmods log (on roomsettings page) now includes mods actions (changing room & cam backs, playing videos, muzzling, kicks, clears, etc...), fixed display of badges at http://www.icanhazchat.com/settings/badges, other minor tweaks, ...
Sunday 4/7/2013 AM
You can now set your video auto-play option (see '/help' page, or the in-chat prompt when a mod starts a video), ...
Saturday 4/6/2013 AM
inbox tweaks, speed/size optimizations, ...
Friday 4/5/2013 AM
Fixed FireFox-only issue with closing pop-up videos, documented the '/video' command, more bug fixes, group member lists are now sorted again, bug fixes,
PM update: bug fixes, also made it so offline messages can be opened in new browser tabs, ...
Thursday 4/4/2013 AM
Spin the bottle should now 'bloop' the person it lands on, experimenting with supporting embedding videos from other sites in chat, ...
Monday 4/1/2013 AM
Nothing... <_< >_>
Sunday 3/31/2013 AM
Bug fixes, ...
Saturday 3/30/2013 AM
Optimizations, layout tweaks, ...
Friday 3/29/2013 AM
Increased chat text entry (to support tiled cam backs from vidble (new/longer URL lengths), tweaks/bug fixes, ...
Thursday 3/28/2013 AM
Bug fixes, adjustments to email verification, ...
Saturday 3/23/2013 AM
Debugging some room-ban weirdness, ...
Friday 3/22/2013 AM
Possible improvements for signing-in/registering when redirected from another domains, minor bug and layout fixes, ...
Thursday 3/21/2013 AM
Minor bug and layout fixes (corner-cases for profiles, etc), ...
Wednesday 3/20/2013 AM
Optimizations, site supporters should get their trophies/hearts quicker, WebSocket experimentation/testing, ...
Monday 3/18/2013 AM
Optimizations, people that gifted in late 2012 might be able to gift an extra trophy (more credit for late 2012 payments (before the 'active subscription = gifting 2 trophies per month' started)), minor tweaks/adjustments, ...
Saturday 3/16/2013 AM
Small UI improvements (/bot-start & /filtering pop-up positioning), flash adjustment to handle cam server addressing, /batsignal should no longer signal current room mods, # of badges you can upload should give you ability to upload an extra if you have the red heart trophy (not the gold heart), ...
Thursday 3/14/2013 AM
Bug fixes and layout tweaks, ...
Wednesday 3/13/2013 AM
Fix for crash when viewing empty profiles, ...
Later update: experimenting with ads, updated /privacypolicy page with 'opt-out cookie' link, ...
Tuesday 3/12/2013 AM
Minor bug fixes, ...
Monday 3/11/2013 AM
Trophy/badge fixes, ...
Sunday 3/10/2013 PM
Continuation of updating user profile/settings data format -- trophy/badge fixes, optimization to help make karma recalculate quicker, ...
Saturday 3/9/2013 PM
Continuation of updating user profile/settings data format -- more trophy and block list improvements, unblocking some countries, ...
Thursday 3/7/2013 PM
Continuation of updating user profile/settings data format, ... any missing trophies should re-appear within a few hours, ... likely fix for block list issue (w/ new data format), block lists now support leaving comments, batsignal shouldn't mention people that are on the do-no-mod list, fix for bogus exceptions that were causing recent exception counts to climb, improvements for entering forwarded rooms and messaging owners/mods of multiply forwarded rooms, ...
Thursday 3/7/2013 AM
Fixed infinite loop of forwarding room A to B and forwarding room B to A (/me readies for some trout slapping), administrative fixes, etc.
Thursday 2/28/2013 AM
Bug fixes/optimizations, when a group owner leaves a group it should now remove them as owner, demod/modding command updates, sign-in improvements, ...
Sunday 2/24/2013 AM
Repeat supportors can now specify if disabled cams should be remembered and re-disabled automatically in the future (see /settings/extras, "Remember which cams I disable (and automatically re-disable them in the future)"), 'Extras' page is now clearer about whether it is currently available for your account, caching optimizations/fixes, ...
Saturday 2/23/2013 AM
Berg fixes, ...
Friday 2/22/2013 AM
Rewrite continuation, caching improvements for dashboard, group/recent rooms should now be displayed on front page again, other bug fixes, ...
Thursday 2/21/2013 AM
Rewrite continuation, caching improvements for dashboard, better password reset instructions, other bug fixes, ...
Wednesday 2/20/2013 AM
Likely fixes for: sphulling ischews, canceling cam bans not working, data optimizations (dashboard and front-page status updates), ...
Sunday 2/17/2013 AM
Likely fixes for: scrolling weirdness (on Chrome), room lagouts on idle, payment transaction failures not always being displayed, ...
Saturday 2/16/2013
Likely fix for the room entry weirdness with '#' that is blocking some people, added link to message room owners to the bottom of chat pages (as requested), removed 'feedback' button from chat pages, likely improvements for displaying 'dashboard' page for those following lots of people, likely fix for lagout issue when sending posting in a large group, ...
Wednesday 2/13/2013 AM
As of Jan 1 2013, monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/yearly supporters can gift 2 trophies a month (instead of 1), fixed graphics glitch on get hearted page, cleaned up registration page layout, wording & flow, preping for Valentines 2013, ...
Monday 2/11/2013 AM
tweaks and bug fixes, ...
Friday 2/8/2013 AM
proxy check adjustment, ...
Wednesday 2/6/2013
more debugging of some caching issue (the false 'proxy' reporting, etc), ...
Tuesday 2/5/2013
debugging some caching issue (the false 'proxy' reporting, etc), ...
Monday 2/4/2013
Re-enabled default proxy block for rooms (temporarily disabled for a few hours), group post titles can now be comprised entirely of numbers, other tweaks/optimizations, ...
Sunday 2/3/2013
small feature tweaks for certain rooms and groups, ...
Saturday 2/2/2013
Can now set the minimum # of cam slots to 12 on the room settings page - this will prevent cam resizing/repositioning as people cam up/down (requires a page refresh/room re-entry after changing the setting, if your account name starts with a '_' you can now use it in rooms (if '_testing123' is your account name it is no longer changed to 'testing123' on room entry), ...
Wednesday 1/30/2013
Security/hardening updates, bug fixes, ...
Wednesday 1/29/2013
Network changes, sorry for any temporary glitches...
Saturday 1/26/2013
Error logging improvements, testing region blocking on a per-room basis, ...
Friday 1/25/2013
Fixed preview of some room backgrounds (caused by recent imgur change), fix for sending blank messages, better karma fuzzing (for nicks) and other minor bug fixes, ...
Thursday 1/24/2013
behind-the-scenes changes to better detect cam server issues, /batsignal command now skips over listing people that are in the do-not-mod list, Later: minor bug fixes and layout changes, ...
Wednesday 1/23/2013
Opimtizations, small bug fixes, darkened cam images probably no longer displayed on disabled cams, ...
Monday 1/21/2013
More helpful text on room entry page when room is being forwarded, names in notification messages (room entries/exits, cam ups/downs) are now hot-linked/clickable, minor layout fixes, ...
Saturday 1/19/2013
Enabling/disabling in-chat notifications 3 state toggle now remembered between room visits, better UI for gifting trophies from profile page, can now gift trophies from in-room profile pop-up, (plan to increase the # of frequency of trophies that can be gifted, more news in a few days (fingers crossed)), stopped banning GoogleBot for javascript injection hack attempts :) , display 'icanhazchat' group posts to people that aren't signed-in, room entry page now shows 'thanks for supporting the site' instead of odd white space, ...
Thursday 1/17/2013
Enabling/disabling in-chat notifications is now a 3 state toggle ('on', 'on but no entry/exit cam up/down notifications', and 'off' -- try a hard refresh if you aren't seeing it), DMCA sub-system bug and layout fixes, ...
Wednesday 1/16/2013
Cams now show as transparent if a video signal is not present, '/cam time' now sorts results based on time, mods can now turn notifications on to see what muzzled users are saying, fixed follow/un-follow bug on profile pages of people you are following but who have never done a status update, ...
Tuesday 1/15/2013
Non-broadcasting cams now show as white instead of black (easier to tell if it is not working or someone is just in a very dark room), disabled cams now show as dark gray (instead of solid black), fix for dead-fly pile-up (tune-in Friday to find out), ...
Monday 1/14/2013
Fixed PMs to not set focus to main chat input if you hit enter and restart main chat scrolling, updated '/stats' command to give basic current room stats (for owners/self mods, helpful for bots?),
Saturday 1/12/2013
Start-up optimizations, /status fixes and optimizations, server now sends a default welcome message when you are added to a group, ...
Thursday 1/10/2013
Fixed for sign-out issue, error logging improvements
Tuesday 1/8/2013
Site optimizations, acct renaming improvements to avoid time-outs (fingers crossed), bitcoin support, A/B tweaks, ...
Tuesday 1/8/2013
Redesigned gethearted page
Sunday 1/6/2013
privmsg fixes, DMCA fixes, batsignal changes...
Wednesday 1/2/2013
Small tweaks, ...
Tuesday 1/1/2013
Optimizations, ...
Sunday 12/30/2012
Optimizations, ...
Saturday 12/29/2012
Putting the 'release' build back on the live server (derp), using /batsignal to request modding help should also message the first 10 members of knows_mod_commands found in the current room, testing out a new 'room copy' feature, ...
Thursday 12/27/2012
Update the 'room settings' and 'help' pages.
Sunday 12/23/2012
Internal optimizations and bug fixes, room perma bans should update/clear quicker, ...
Saturday 12/22/2012
Optimizations, minor bug fixes, ...
Friday 12/21/2012
Optimizations, minor bug fixes, ...
Sunday 12/16/2012
Optimizations, minor bug fixes, ...
Thursday 12/13/2012
Optimizations, minor bug fixes, ...
Wednesday 12/12/2012
Implemented requested changes for cam-offering and cam-downs in busy rooms (12+ cams), performance improvements, joining the 'knows_user_commands' group no longer auto-removes the 'buddy system' trophy (derp), ...
Saturday 12/08/2012
Notification pop-ups re-enabled and re-positioned, only 1 shown, can be disabled/re-routed to the main chat window with '/set nopopup=1'
Friday 12/07/2012
Experimenting with using notification pop-ups with 'cams are full/'cam spam'' notifications, optimizations/speed-ups, behind the scenes work for new features (not ready yet), ...
Monday 12/03/2012
Room owners can now use /cam time and /cam down without modding up, bug fixes, ... PM Update: fix for lobby issue (no rooms displayed for some people)
Saturday 12/01/2012
Bug fixes...
Friday 11/30/2012
Fixed errors, etc
Thursday 11/29/2012
Improved client error logging, minor bug fixes, ...
Wednesday 11/28/2012
Possible improvement for broadcasting issue with Apple retina, account renaming improvements, bug fixes/tweaks...
Monday 11/26/2012
Minor tweaks and optimizations... UPDATE: better PM window positioning/sizing, more ban information in room owner messages, bug fixes...
Sunday 11/25/2012
Minor tweaks, adjustments and optimizations... Update: formatting fixes
Saturday 11/24/2012
"I prefer NOT to ship to other continents" is now a check-box for secret santa participants, email improvements (including ~not~ sending 2 verification emails for every request), debugging improvements, ...
Friday 11/23/2012
Site mail changes, dashboard tweaks, display more history for group post lists, fixed height on profile pages marked 18+,
Thursday 11/22/2012
Happy Thanksgiving! Changes in how site emails are delivered, increasing delivery success rates. Made it easier/quicker for admins to change static site content.
Wednesday 11/21/2012
Adjusted 'secret santa' group code for new site layout, adjust /silence! (may require hard refresh to get updated code)
Friday 11/17/2012
Caching optimization/mprovements (probably most noticable for 'messages' view, if they work), various other bug fixes and optimizations, ... Later update: fixing issue with outgoing emails, ...
Monday 11/13/2012
Rewrote dashboard page to display better for people that are following a large # of people, ...
Monday 11/12/2012
experimenting with some 'silence' changes (related to some people lagging out when silencing), site should now offline message people when they are auto-removed as group inviters (for inactivity), code optimizations, banner count of recent first-time payments, ...
Thursday 11/8/2012
bandwidth tweaks, inbox optimizations, update: improved error logging in certain places, ...
Wednesday 11/7/2012
'/messages' speed-up for people with large numbef or messages, poll result changes (show # of votes in addition to the precentages), ...
Tuesday 11/6/2012
GET OUT AND VOTE!, likely fixes for some trophy-gifting glitches, more options for 'minimum karma needed to PM' in a room, tweaks to group posting, ...
Monday 11/5/2012
randomized the order 'your people' appear on the your 'dashboard' page, fixed profile page display issue/lag-out for viewing profiles where people don't have their tags properly matched, added emoticon support to /vog (voice of god) and /wog (whisper of god) commands, improved auto-sign-in handling when traveling, ...
Sunday 11/5/2012
randomized the order 'your people' appear on the your 'dashboard' page, fixed profile page display issue/lag-out for viewing profiles where people don't have their tags properly matched, added emoticon support to /vog (voice of god) and /wog (whisper of god) commands, improved auto-sign-in handling when traveling, ...
Sunday 11/4/2012
cleaner handling of expired rooms ban, internal optimizations and ground-work for better handling of mobile devices, ...
Thursday 11/1/2012
Monthly supporters: gifting a trophy to someone that already has that trophy gives a more helpful message, fixed do-not-mod list code so that comments can be added to the same line as the account name, added refund policy to the GetHearted page, fixed spelling and wording/layout on FAQ and ChatHelp pages, ...
Wednesday 10/31/2012
fixed auto-sign-in issues that were affecting some people, ...
Monday 10/29/2012
No longer get an ugly warning message if you are running IE, internal updates/bug fixes/optimizations, ...
Sunday 10/28/2012
1-to-1 offline message convos now show the background image of who you are messaging, removing yoself from the 'agechecked' group now automatically removes the 18+ trophy, small UI and data-scrubbing improvements on the /contact page, ...
Friday 10/26/2012
jamming on 'cam refresh' button should no longer cause multiple cam copies, user list icon sizing fix / optimizations (less html), better duplicate detection in DMCA submissions, user profile background image url now also accepts vidble.com urls (imgur rejects gifs over a certain size), better backup/restore automation, ...
Thursday 10/25/2012
agecheck room updates
Wednesday 10/24/2012
internal updates, /status in a room should no longer include your status in the list if your lurking on a nick,
Tuesday 10/23/2012
/finger command now lists karma and whether the user is currently idle, /batsignal command updated to not echo to the entire room :P , fixed issues of the mod list not updating immediately (if you /modme then you should see yourself in the mod list without refreshing it)
Monday 10/22/2012
Internal rewrite to optimize memory usage, various small tweaks and bug fixes
Friday 10/19/2012
No longer offline message room owners when mod-to-mod notes change (can be re-enabled on a per-room basis, room owners can request it via the 'contact' page), upgraded internal/DMCA support routines (better ui, detection of duplicate URLs, etc),
Wednesday 10/17/2012
Improved keyboard navigation on offline messages page (can now mass-delete 'owners@', 'mods@' and 'inviters@' messages), optimized following/unfollowing code / regenerate content quicker without blocking, tweaks to keep site updates smoother, ...
Tuesday 10/16/2012
Added support for keyboard navigation of offline messages: can now select multiple messages (using 'x' key) and delete them (with '#' key), rejoice!
PM update: can now delete more offline messages at once, more changes to help smooth future site updates, ...
Monday 10/15/2012
under-the-hood rewrite of chat page layout (creating more proper CSS, work-in-progress), adjustments that should help make future updates 'smoother', adjustments to help with debugging cell phone issues and future site lagouts, ...
Sunday 10/14/2012
adjustments and improvements for cell phones, updated text to make some things clearer, added better error logging in certain cases to help track down intermittent issues, ...
Friday 10/12/2012
adjustments to better support the Puffin mobile browser (tested on Android, iOS browser may still have ajax issues), changes to help make future site updates smoother, fixes for internal crashes/exceptions, ...
Thursday 10/11/2012
Created 'how to split large image into cam back tiles' album and posted it on the front page (and twitter), optimized some cam/bandwidth settings, if you are following more than 60 people then the dashboard page now just shows profile pics for those that have recent status updates, fixes, ...
Tuesday 10/9/2012
new polls now default to closing after 8 hours/10 votes (may require a hard refresh (ctrl-f5)), internal updates/optimizations, fixed audio-off notifications being sent to cam-blocked people, PM update: added support for tracking DMCAs submitted to Google, ...
Monday 10/8/2012
emails are now clearer about which account they are for (less confusing for people with multiple accounts w/ verified email addresses), experiment: updating mod-to-mod notes also offline messages it to the room owners so they know what is up, other tweaks and bug fixes, ...
Saturday 10/6/2012
/silence! can now be used even if they have just left the room, /follow command now (again) returns informative text when you are following someone new in chat, improvements to /silence! to better deal with network congestion and lag, ...
Wednesday 10/3/2012
/vog and /wog (voice and whisper of god) commands now also available to room perma-mods, proxy fixes and speed-ups, ...
2nd update: memory utilization improvements, possible improvements to make ~future~ site updates less bumpy, ...
Tuesday 10/2/2012
Improved perma-ban targeting to minimize taking out unconnected accounts, added logging to help identify bottlenecks in the future, ... 2nd update: optimizations to speed-up data loading, ...
Monday 10/1/2012
Fixed group vote issue with vote-for's not being summarized in add messages, possible fix for site lag issues, ...
Saturday 9/29/2012
Possible fix for the iOS 6 browser bugs (since Apple hasn't fixed it yet), other smaller tweaks, updated fix for auto-sign-in redirect issue, ...
Friday 9/28/2012
Layout fixes on profile pages, agecheck rooms now default to allowing proxies, buddy_system trophies are now given/removed when people join/leave the group (instead of a multi-hour delay), ground work for optimizing sign-in process, ...
Thursday 9/27/2012
In-chat user info pop-up now remembers where you last moved it to, group pages now have email preference options for being notified of new posts(they are saved now, won't be used for another week or so), minor layout changes and bug fixes, ...
Wednesday 9/26/2012
Fixed cache updating issues
Fixed issue with cancelling some subscriptions
Members of buddy_system group can now follow more than 100 people (the max for everyone else). Likely fix for some memory usage issues.
Tuesday 9/25/2012
Better user list display on dashboard page based on # of friends and their level of involvements (user pics, status updates, etc), maximum number of friends bumped from 50 to 100, but members of http://www.icanhazchat.com/group/buddy_system can have more friends.
Update: now auto-embed graphics URLs (imgur.com and vidble.com) in poll 'answers', 'columns' and 'rows'
Monday 9/24/2012
Increased the number of people you can 'follow' from 50 to 100. Small changes to the dashboard page, UPDATED release: crash fixes
Saturday 9/21/2012
Bug fixes, including likely fixes for gifting trophies (after no longer a monthly supporter) and group adding fixes
Wednesday 9/19/2012
Dashboard page now hotlinks the user image and shows latest status update,
Tuesday 9/18/2012
ermahgerd. berg ferxes
Monday 9/17/2012
Starting an offline message thread now requires 50 karma or a verified email address... trolls r bad, m'kay... PM update: group adding fix, group owners can disable the automatic picture gallery on specific posts, ...
Saturday 9/15/2012
Rewrote 'dashboard' page
Wednesday 9/13/2012
fixed room entry issue for people that set their color choice to an invalid hex value, in-room user profile pop-up now maxes out at 10 trophies (so more trophies can be added without messing up the UI, all trophies are still displayed on the profile page), added debugging information for IE mis-identification issue,
Monday 9/10/2012
Fixed issue with auto-bumping completed polls, code reorganization/optimization, added debug logging for some problem code,
Saturday 9/8/2012
Fixed pop-up positioning on Firefox, no longer re-displaying 'audio' settings at the bottom of the 'badges' settings page :) , PM UPDATE: improved settings page layout on cell phones, messages to 'owners@roomname' now tell the send to use the actual room name, site now allows opening of existing messages to rooms that have since had forwarding enabled, ...
Friday 9/7/2012
Added additional code to minimize profile data corruption issues,
Thursday 9/6/2012
Enabled /settings/audio so that people can pick their own audiot notification sounds, automatic detection and admin notification of cam server issues, ...
Wednesday 9/5/2012
Cell phone/droid improvements for main landing page, lobby, offline messages...,
Tuesday 9/4/2012
Added code to investigate crashes/issues, minor tweaks, ...
Monday 9/3/2012
Crashes fixed so removing extra (slower) debug logging code, getting added to agechecked now auto-clears any agebans for that acct, minor poll tweaks/fixes, UPDATE: possible fix for random 2 minute daily site lagout, ...
Sunday 9/2/2012
Improved error logging/tracking down some issues, improved 'payment forwarding' (crediting a recurring payment to a recently renamed account vs. the account name used when creating the recurring payment), likely fix for recent crashes non-registered accounts have been seeing, ...
Saturday 9/1/2012
Better positioning of pop-ups on Firefox, other under-the-hood improvements, laying the ground work for customizable notification beeps/sounds, ... UPDATE: fixed bug with admins aborting cam bans, anti-mischief measures, fixed positioning of /filter on Firefox, fixed crashes some were encountering...
Thursday 8/30/2012
Improved long text/url wrapping in status updates shown on the main landing page, 'hide this room from lobby' option (on 'room settings' page) now also applies to PG15 rooms (owned by recent site supporters)
Wednesday 8/29/2012
Lobby threshold fixes, cam report thresholds (for auto-cam ban) are now site-admin settable on a per-room basis, experimenting with adding a /stats (name) command for room owners (to see # of kicks/bans/silences for a user *in that room*)
Monday 8/27/2012
Error handling improvements, showing all offline messages (previously maxed out at 1000), optimizations/removed debugging code, lobby tweaks, experimenting with adding [strike] to the markdown, ...
Sunday 8/26/2012
Auto-removing [ and ] from room names when entering rooms and messaging room owners or mods, forwarded rooms now have their offline messages (to owners or mods) forwarded as well, reduced sensitivity of server-side flood detection, improved formatting of notifications, error logging improvements, /settings/extras does a better job of listing what the extra features are, offline message filtering preferences (unread, recent, etc) are now forgotten after 5 minutes (minimizes confusion when people come back the next day and don't realize yesterday's filtering is remembered and still active), UPDATE: fixed issue some people were having when entering rooms,
Saturday 8/25/2012
Current site supporters can save bandwidth by disabling cams (or just audio) by default, experimenting with ichc text plug/ad for non-hearted people on room entry, added 'credits' page, various minor bug fixes... PM update: error fixes, auto-recovery/healing for data errors, ...
Friday 8/24/2012
Reworked the user 'settings' page to be less overwhelming.
Thursday 8/23/2012
Likely fix for group offline messages losing their title when someone replies to them, now changing 'Send' to 'Sending...' (and disabling) when sending messages, posts and comments to post to minimize accidental multiple submits, minor tweaks...
Wednesday 8/22/2012
Payment fixes for people that have changed account names,
Tuesday 8/21/2012
Likely fix for deleting offline messages/marking them read, re-added WebSocket test server, increased logging of email verification failures (to aid debugging/support), added confirmation prompt to reporting offline messages, later updates: fixed viewing posts that have "..." in the title, group offline messages that have lost their title are auto-re-paired once they are re-opened, can now delete/mark-as-un-read offline messages from people that have since renamed their account...
Monday 8/20/2012
Fix offline message displaying for old messages from accounts that have been renamed, better experience for using the 'insert poll' link, prettied-up URL rerouting for posts, other fixes/optimizations
Sunday 8/19/2012
Experimenting with '18+' banner on R18 room graphics (shown on front page and group pages), group pages now show the offline message text sent to new group members, removing newlines from chat lines being sent to the room, fixed spelling/typos
Friday 8/17/2012
Testing new room silence commands (mods can use '/silence * 2' to silence the room for 2 minutes (can be between 1 and 10 minutes)), lobby fixes, experimenting with remembering cam disabling preferences for the current chat session only, instead of permanently (for current site supporters), 'groups' link in site header rarely used - moved your group list to your dashboard page. update: re-added 'groups' link only for people that are in groups, toned-down the group information displayed on the dashboard (more links, less graphics), improved dashboard for new people with empty room or following/follower lists
Wednesday 8/15/2012
"Notify the room mods if someone is trying to cam up when cam slots are full." is now configurable on the 'Room Settings' page, fixed status update bug fixes
Tuesday 8/14/2012
Muzzle now also works on the /me command :P, R18 rooms that have a monthly supporter have the option (a checkbox on the 'room settings' page) to keep the room off of the 'lobby' page (R18 rooms aren't listed on the lobby yet, just laying the ground work), bug fixes
Monday 8/13/2012
First to a room is now room owner, possible fix for viewer caching issue, Added 'insert poll' link and pop-up to simplify creating offline polls, changed display of trophies, lobby bug fix
Sunday 8/12/2012
Fixed setting karma-for-entry to 25
Thursday 8/9/2012
Some behind-the-scenes bug fixes, also additional 3rd party age-check process for suspect IDs/agechecks
Tuesday 8/7/2012
Memory/speed enhancements
Monday 8/6/2012
Font names can now have spaces in them ('new courier', etc). No more in-chat bloops for particular matches ... i.e. "@all" won't bloop "@allison" Fixed group adding so group 'owners' can't add the same person multiple times (was already fixed for group 'inviters')
Saturday 8/4/2012
You can now pick the font used to display chat text (see /help for more information). Added in new fancy color picker adapted by will. Entering rooms should be 'snappier' now. Using re-designed 'trophy whore' and 'pimped out profile' trophies from snooks (plus a new '2 year' trophy, coming soon). Added ability for primary room owner to forward their room to another room they are also an owner of (helpful if your room moves) -- now available at the bottom of your room's 'room settings' page.
Thursday 8/2/2012
Fixed issue with PMing someone that is using a nick. More code rewriting/reorganization. Added "how to do polls" documentation to the /help page.
Tuesday 7/31/2012
Big code reorganization/rewrite (all under-the-hood, shouldn't be noticable, but better for moving forward). Fixed issue with room settings logging that comment/whitespace changes were saved, when they weren't actually changed. PM update: possible fix for cam block issues.
Monday 7/30/2012
Stability/optimizations, messages from banned people to room owners now has more helpful information added for owners.
Sunday 7/29/2012
Fixed recent issue with offline messages from 'icanhazchat' not being delivered to people. Fixed errors when people tried to embed [img] tags in their profile page backgrounds. Debugging cam block bug reports. Adding invalid account names to room settings fields like perma ban, perma mod, allowed-to-proxy, etc, lists will add a comment to those fields letting you know it isn't a valid account name.
Saturday 7/28/2012
Optimizations/speed-ups. Reworked cam blocks so nicks can be blocked.
Friday 7/27/2012
Some browser extensions created by others can cause HTTPS/SSL warnings on the '/GetHearted' page - updated text there to suggest disabling them when getting hearted. 'Message' page size/speed optimizations.
Thursday 7/26/2012
Some changes may require a hard-refresh (ctrl-F5) to get: Users can now delete custom icons to make way for new icon uploads. Bot API now supports the "botNickChange(oldName,newName);" call-back. Polls on profile pages can now contain "'" in their answer options. PM update: Flood minimization - 50 karma required for group posts/comments, experimenting in re-enabling profile/messaging links in pop-ups in ~most~ rooms that have minimum-whisper/pm-karma set. More ground work for WebSocket testing/implementation.
Tuesday 7/24/2012
Poll fixes
Monday 7/23/2012
Updated offline poll syntax, debugging WebSockets, enhancements to reduce the exception count.
Sunday 7/22/2012
Created /nomodme command so busy/sleepy cammers don't have to worry about getting room modded (by others or the site) while they aren't paying attention. Bug fixed and improved polls, can now be added to any offline message and room welcome messages (will document how to create them in 1-2 days). Fixed broadcasting issue (where some browsers cache a non-working version of the broadcasting flash). More WebSocket experimentation.
Saturday 7/21/2012
More verbose error logging, testing new polling in posts
Thursday 7/19/2012
Fixed some corner-case issues with PMs.
Wednesday 7/18/2012
Improved '/filter' and other pop-up positioning on Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. Contact page now has a section to asking questions about profile pages and trophies. Room bans now provide more helpful information. Some tweaks to minimize room banned people from spamming site mods.
Tuesday 7/17/2012
Fixed issues with offline mod and owner messages that sometimes went missing and needed to be restored from backups. Ads no longer displayed on chat page for site supporters (I have them always display for me, so I was slow to catch/fix it). Room owners can request that hotlinks be displayed in their rooms.
Sunday 7/15/2012
Fixed some crashes / ouch pages, fixed some payments initially being counted double, spelling fixes, fixed the 'who' parameter in 'botProcessPM' callbacks, truncate bot messages at 500 characters so they don't flood the room, ...
Wednesday 7/11/2012
Greatly increased karma fuzzing for people using nicks. Adding some websocket experiments for testing...
Tuesday 7/10/2012
Fixed in-chat user profile pop-ups for people that have a '/' in their current status. Add a meme face scale to the financial feedback (on /GetHearted and /Dashboard), added some info for debugging issues some people are seeing...
Sunday 7/8/2012
Bug fixes, optimizations, internal work tracking changes, etc...
Saturday 7/7/2012
Fixed hiding ads for site supporters, fixed whisper-of-god (/wog)
Friday 7/6/2012
Propagating "internal message delivery rewrite" to other/non-testing rooms. Various minor bug fixes/optimizations (cut server time to generate the room user list in half)
Thursday 7/5/2012
Internal rewrite to improve message delivery, experimenting rooms with 4-cams-max or less no longer prompting cammers when someone else tries to cam-up,
Wednesday 7/4/2012
Your own status updates are now also shown on your front page. Status updates can now be done from the home page (i.e. don't need to be in a room to do them). Code optimizations, more changes for connection-testing rooms. Bot code updated to handle ' and private messages/whispers are no longer sent to botProcessLine() (there will be a botProcessPM within a few days).
Tuesday 7/3/2012
Optimizing/reducing page sizes, added 'july 4th' trophy for payments between July 3rd and 5th.
Monday 7/2/2012
Made the server 'eww, that's a trolly text color' message clearer that it is coming from the server. More changes for connection-testing rooms.
Sunday 7/1/2012
More changes for connection-testing rooms. Improved logic for when people on do-not-mod list are modded because they are the only ones left.
Saturday 6/30/2012
Experimenting with some 'silence' command changes - also, experimenting with ~not~ sending a message when your silenced has expired (after 30 seconds). Server side flood detection is disabled in rooms with 'test' in them to enable bot/connection testing. Better logging of profile image upload issues.
Friday 6/29/2012
Performance/caching improvements. Reworking the 'dashboard' page.
Thursday 6/28/2012
Status updates of those you are following now appear on your homepage.
Wednesday 6/27/2012
Re-added button so room mods (not owners) can edit triggers again, fixed caching issues so their trigger changes should appear immediately, increased the allowed length of 'contains' trigger response.
Tuesday 6/26/2012
Experimenting with silencing telling which mod did. Silence also now accepts a reason for the silence. '/silence yolo no more yolos!'
Monday 6/25/2012
Fix for issues with moving badges and followers when renaming accounts, more logging for random offline message missing issue, fixed in-chat profile-pop-up formatting of status messages with youtube links and quotes
Saturday 6/23/2012
More speed optimizations, replace robot icons with meme pictures for empty profile pictures
Friday 6/22/2012
Monthly/recent site supporters can do an account rename on their own (maximum of once per month), likely fixes for trigger caching issues, message processing optimizations/speed-ups, ...
Thursday 6/21/2012
Various updates yesterday... today: various optimization/speed-ups, room owners should now be able to adjust room settings on their rooms even if they are empty or redirected..
Tuesday 6/19/2012
Room and cam back images are now listed on the room settings page, and can be set and/or cleared there. Performance improvements for entering rooms with 4+ cams already broadcasting. Small layout improvements, IE fixes.
Saturday 6/16/2012
Added 'report' link to offline messages, rewrote message updating, 'message' page now remembers your last filter selection (all messages vs. 'unread', etc)
Wednesday 6/13/2012
VOICE RECOGNITION ALL THE THINGS! If you are on Chrome than many text entry fields will now also accept voice input. Javascript rewrite. Layout improvements for more than 1 line of PMs, experimenting with bots being able to send commands (only when run from a room-mod account), added voice-of-god (/vog) and whisper-of-god (/wog) commands for room owners/agecheckers (larger text, to get attention)
Tuesday 6/12/2012
Likely fix (fingers crossed) for recent increase in rooms dying. Also, posted bot sample/documentation at http://www.icanhazchat.com/icanhazcode .
Monday 6/11/2012
Improved formatting for [code] tag, possible fixes for exceptions causing all rooms to lag out, removing :star from in-room status updates (still visible on profile pages), chat image hotlinking fixes, ...
Sunday 6/10/2012
Added a bot API, will publicize/document it after some more testing, added [pre] and [code] tags for formatting. Fixed issue that was casing a room to choke last night while scanning chat messages for trigger text.
Saturday 6/9/2012
Fixed emoticons in status' displayed on profile pages, fixed issue with missing room background image in front page display of room when the room has multiple background images.
Friday 6/8/2012
various minor bug fixes, formatting hints for posts/offline messages/profile bio, supporting emoticons in profile updates (when displayed on profile pages), other changes in-progress but not enabled yet
Monday 6/4/2012
- found and fixed some new issues with payment processing
Friday 6/1/2012
- possible chat scrolling fixes for Droid 4.x / Dolphin browser
Thursday 5/31/2012
- 'dashboard' page now shows everyone the rooms they own or are self-mods in
- primary room owners now have the option to 'wipe' (immediately delete) or 'close' their rooms (on the 'room settings' page)
Wednesday 5/30/2012
- first version of '/dashboard' is now live... an easier place to (soon) keep remember which rooms are yours and who you are following
Tuesday 5/29/2012
- possible fix for scroll bar jumping to the top of chat when scrolling is paused
- now able to 'bloop' people using tab complete in '/me' commands
- can cycle through non-'@' names using tab-complete
- improved scrubbing of room names
Monday 5/28/2012
- group invites can now see group pages even if they aren't members
- 'settings' page now has a 'cancel' link for monthly supporters that paid by credit card
- re-ordered 'your extras' and the 'bio' section on the 'settings' page
- 'chathelp' renamed as 'help'
- offline messages in-progress no longer lost if the server is reset - recover gracefully and send the entered message
- experimenting with /status messages not going directly to the room immediately (as a me/action message)
Wednesday 5/23/2012
- improved /filter pop-up positioning for IE and Firefox
- experimenting with a 'perma ban whitelist' (for room owners on room settings page), to help deal when room perma-bans are taking out an account you want to let into the your room.
Tuesday 5/22/2012
- small fixes, Droid ice cream sandwich debugging info, better metrics to identify which room bans might be taking out the unintended
- fixed "/group rooms list"
Monday 5/21/2012
- pressing ESC to dismiss a /filter pop-up no longer cams you down.  Need to jam on ESC to auto-cam down and leave the room
- group owners/inviters are no longer auto-banned if they are perma-banned from a group room
- group rooms are no longer auto-recycled if they are not used for several weeks
- data caching improvements/optimizations
Saturday 5/19/2012
- added ability for monthly supporters to gift a trophy to someone else once a month (visible to monthly supporters under someone's trophy case on their profile page)
- tab complete can now be used for room user names in the PM windows
- alt-1, alt-2, alt-3 (shift needed on firefox?) can be used to switch between your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc PM window.  Hitting the shortcut key for a PM window multiple times (i.e. alt-1 alt-1) 'minimizes' it.  Currently re-ordering or deleting PMs does not reset the 'numbering' of the PM tabs.
- fixed hover text issue with trophies
- updated blue and gray button hovers
- updated the UI for the '/filter' command
- fixed '[right]' to right align profile text again
- fixed the Friday fly
Thursday 5/17/2012
- fixed /finger output formatting
- cleaned up room exit for text-only chat
- changed button colors
- stability improvements
- improved url detection/formatting in posts
- trying new UI for kicks and lag outs
Wednesday 5/16/2012
- implemented '/status' for status updates -- '/status stubbed my toe' updates your status (also visible on your profile page), using just '/status' (with no text after it) shows you the ~10 latest status updates from who is currently in the room (and not lurking on a nick).  Currently your profile page shows only your latest status, but it will updated eventually to show all of them, with the option for you to delete/remove statuses you no longer want displayed.  Doing a status update once per day will get you a small amount of karma (doing 50 updates won't get you extra karma...)

- implemented 'following' people, accessible from their profile page, doesn't do anything yet other than display hearts around their picture when you view their profile page.  Someday there will be a list of who you are following, and who is following you.  Also added '/follow' command and added it as an option to the in-chat user info pop-up dialog.

- fixed tab-completing non-@ names when the current line doesn't start with a command

- /filter is now case insensitive

- updated button coloring

- updated the [img] to support embedded JPEG links (already supported JPG, GIF and PNG)
Tuesday 5/15/2012
- javascript rewrite
- improved tab-complete code to be context aware (about when to show commands, @names or just names (w/o '@'))
- experimenting with using robohash.org for people that haven't uploaded profile icons yet
Monday 5/7/2012
- ripped out jlist ads, moved ICHC site ads to the bottom of the page
- twitter button in the page footers was slowing down load time, jettisoned it
- troll and proxy blocking improvements
Friday 5/4/2012
- possible fix for chat scrolling issues on the newest Droids
- performance optimizations (average text scroll time on Chrome dropped from 72ms to 34ms)
Tuesday 5/1/2012
- can now use alt-s (alt-shift-s) on the 'room settings' page to save your changes
- anyone can kick themselves
- room mods can set a minimum karma limit for sending PMs/whispers (to minimize new cammers from getting PM-flooded)
Sunday 4/29/2012
- added '/ragequit' (anyone) and '/helen' (mod-only) commands ('ragequit' is a 30 second self-ban)
- trigger changes become active quicker
- fixed bugs
Wednesday 4/26/2012
- laid groundwork for a site-wide announcement-only group
- improved experience for joining groups (fixed stale cache issue)
- fixed posts so that [img] will properly embed an image (does not attempt to auto-add it to the image gallery for the post)
- other minor fixes
Wednesday 4/25/2012
- fixed tab-complete on IE so that 'space' selects the current-tab-complete selection
- other IE touch-ups
- no longer recycle rooms that auto-forward to other rooms
- fixed issues 'you do not appear to be logged in' issues when uploading profile picture
- fixed typos and other fun stuff
Tuesday 4/17/2012
- donated blood
- '/privmsg @[name] msg' is now re-routed to '/privmsg [name] msg'
- experimenting with '/forgive' only notifying mods of a forgiven room ban (not the entire room)
Friday 4/13/2012
- assorted fixed, emoticons, amazon, blah, blah, blah... <3
Thursday 4/12/2012
- fixed emoticons: in 'tellmods', at the start of whispers, and in offline messages
- fixed issue with allowing GIF uploads for profile pics
- InternetExplorer-only tweaks to help with broadcasting cams
- hack detection tweaks
Friday 4/6/2012
- removed April Fools code a few days ago :)
- added groundwork to improve targetting of room ban
Wednesday 3/28/2012
- layout improvements
- fixed 18+ warning on some profile pages to not display over any embedded youtube videos (wasn't viewable/clickable on some browsers)
- roomsettings page now has link to show recent perma ban action, in case a friend can't get in and a room owner/self-mod wants to see why
- fixed member list display in groups that display them (do a hard refresh if you don't see it)
- under-the-hood improvements
Monday 3/26/2012
890 Offline messages with ' in the title are not displayed correctly in the list view
891 Offline message filters in Mobile view are wasting layout space when they are still hidden
892 Offline message list view is height restricted and doesn't show messages well in 'mobile' layout
896 offline message filters should be sorted alphabetically
875 room settings: make it possible to disable trigger flood control
899 room settings log should say who added/removed people from the perma ban and self mod list (plus option to disable this)
and fixed some minor exceptions and experimenting with some new notification UI (ping)
Saturday 3/24/2012
- offline message list now defaults to showing the last 2 weeks or ~20 messages, with a link to show all messages
- unread messages from individuals are now displayed as 'unread' again (broke last night)
- consolidated CSS and JS, did JS optimizations (big rewrite)
- update: fixed in-chat font color wheel
- update: fixed marking certain group messages as 'read'
- update: fixed hotlinking issues in offline messages / posts
- update: offline message buttons now display graphics again
Friday 3/23/2012
- message list size optimizations, filtering options
- layout tweaks
- room mods now get a PM when room settings are changed
Wednesday 3/21/2012
- layout rewrite
Friday 3/9/2012
- fixed some flash volume issues - muting your own volume when broadcasting, applying global mute to new cams
- cam back images can now have a space between them instead of a '|'
- can specify more than one room background image (with space or | between them), will auto advance every ~5 minutes
Thursday 3/8/2012
- fix for sending room preferences (PM beeps, etc) to the browser before the user was receiving/processing messages (i.e. these settings should be remembered/acted upon now for more/all cases)
- internal payment processing/tracking fixes for recent issues
- minor tweaks :P
Tuesday 3/6/2012
- volume control on cams
- layout and functionality changes to broadcasting flash (should minimize 'black' cams)
- "/cam silence (name)" can be used by room mods to mic someone down
Thursday 3/1/2012
- Removed flashing warnings for IE users :P
- fixed bb-code with spacing after bolding text -- btw, you can use [b]bold[/b] or **bold**
- fixed pop-up /filter box in chat so that it auto-adds a vertical scroll bar if there is lots of content
- 'show recent' access option for 500+ karma accounts on 'Settings' page
Wednesday 2/29/2012
- /filter command implemented to search local chat history ('/filter derp' will show you all instances of 'derp' in public chat).  No more pausing chat while trying to find something that has scrolled out of view.
- /tellmods messages from a non-mod now gives mods a link to tell other mods 'I got this one' and starts the response back to the non-mod
- "OMG IT'S" not "OMG ITS"
- internal voting changes
Saturday 2/25/2012
- fixed/re-added member list to groups that display them
- /karma now shows who is idle, and anyone with 1k or more karma
- activated automatic deployment of birthday, secret santa and 'gifter of hearts' trophies
- some under-the-hood group tweaks
Thursday 2/23/2012
- added support for '/privmsg current_nick hey' to start a privage message window with them
- fixed in-chat hotlinking of URLs with '@' in them
- fixed in-chat/offlinemessage/post hotlinking of "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dimples_of_Venus_while_seated_(with_arrows).jpg" (and note: actually a page, not an image)
- room owners can now still get into their rooms if another owner has changed the password or karma limits on them
- room memory optimizations
Wednesday 2/22/2012
- changed user profile picture upload interface
- removed 5am 'site reset coming' message since resets are no longer disruptive
Monday 2/20/2012
- now using f1ber's picture gallery/uploader for custom user list icons: paying users can now upload upto 5 custom user list icons (displayed in the user list in rooms)
- web fonts now served from ICHC server
- optimizations
Saturday 2/18/2012
- fixed table horizontal positioning of tables on the profile pages
- removed https after signing in
- offline messages - if you are blocking someone who deleted their account, it will remove them from your blocked list
- guest acct names no longer saved as permanent room owners
Friday 2/17/2012
- fixed header bar unread link color to only use one shade of red
- if a new offline message comes in on a thread you are currently responding to, you will see the new message w/o losing what you are typing/refreshing the page
- fixed formatting of tables used in 'posts' (as opposed to tables used for layout on profile pages)
- fixed some issues with viewing newly created groups
- fixed case of nick changing to the name/nick you are already using
Saturday 2/11/2012
- likely fix for the periodic chat 'clears' that some people have seen since the previous update
- improved the 'GetHearted' page, especially for the case of gifting hearts to someone else
- can now gift a heart from 'a secret admirer' if doing a one time payment by credit card (not supported for paypal, google checkout and recurring payments)
- experimenting with updating the silence/kick/roomban commands to say 'a room mod has' to the room (and the details of which mod performed the action just go to tellmods)
Thursday 2/9/2012
- fixed bloops, @redmessages and line spacing for text-only chat
- fixed offline message notifications for gifted hearts
- ***bold and italics***, **bold**, *italics* and ~~stikethrough~~ now work in posts and offline messages like they do in chat
- 'gethearted' page improvements to make it clearer when hearting someone else
Wednesday 2/8/2012
- randomized colorful ICHC avatars for people that haven't uploaded a profile picture yet (almost went with "I <3 Nickleback")
- optimized/cleaned the display of chat text
- room entry: improved scrolling and do self-name assignment quicker
Monday 2/6/2012
- improved error logging, minor spelling fixes
Saturday 2/4/2012
- added '/help group' command support
- profile pages now support using [right]to right align text[/right] and improved samples of what tags are available
- fixed see-through amazon search pop-up on deeper pages
- code optimizations and stablization
Friday 2/3/2012
- made the 'breadcrumb' links on group post pages more helpful and clickable
- 'bb code' / profile page and message markdown: now support [td], [td right], [td center] and [td left] for text alignment
- 'removed' posts no longer display on the group page
Thursday 2/2/2012
- email and error logging fixes
- adjusted site-updating, no lag outs or reboots needed (so far, fingers crossed)
Wednesday 2/1/2012
- layout (font sizes and positioning) and wording tweaks
- internal fixes/optimizations
Monday 1/30/2012
- fixes for site email issues in certain cases, and possible fix for everyone lagging out on server reset
- 2nd update: fix for 'Contact'->'Other' messages getting lost (please resend, lol)
Sunday 1/29/2012
- group post improvements/fixes/tweaks
Saturday 1/28/2012
- group owners can now hide or show the group member list (using '/group (name) memberlist hide' and '/group (name) memberlist show')
- Change 'My' to 'Your' on Settings page (remaining references to 'My' will be changed soonish)
- likely fix for group message viewing bug
- if user hasn't set a custom background image then use the current site background on their profile, messages, etc, pages.
- GetHearted page now shows who you are gifting a heart to... and give you the option of 'clearing' it to gift the heart to yourself.
- rewrite of how email is processed
- payment notifications now include kitten pics
Friday 1/27/2012
- layout improvements/clean-up
- fixing post last-comment and count issues
- fixed issue were room graphic doesn't display on front page for some rooms
- likely fix for 1st message sent to giftee for gifted monthly heart
Thursday 1/26/2012
- fixed 'unread' posts not be displayed red in banner bar
- main pages now warning IE users that they will have problems and provides links to other browsers
- layout/font improvements
- cam and room information now included with trolly cam report notifications
Monday 1/23/2012
- fix for banned spammers
- code and layout clean-up (in-progress)
Saturday 1/21/2012
- 'messages' in the banner bar should now be (more reliably) red if you do have ~new~ unread messages
- updated and revised in-chat '/help' command ('/help mod', '/help cams', etc) (don't have to tab out to read help if you don't want to
- ability for monthly supporter to create and admin 'groups' (documentation will be updated after a little more testing)
- various and sundry bug fixes (possibly fix for 'user not found' when trying to silence/kick some trolls :) )
Thursday 1/19/2012
- performance and minor layout improvements for posts with pictures
- fixed youtube redirect issue, and now auto-embedding youtube vids from urls in posts and offline messages
- group owners can no longer delete posts or comments - they can remove them and/or re-approve them (like sub-reddit mods)
- better handling of trailing slash in room url (isn't needed, doesn't puke as badly now)
- some more 'group' management updates, 65.78% done... soon...
Tuesday 1/17/2012
- updated agecheck room code
- room images shown on front page now more in-sync with current room image
- added sopa information to landing page for Jan 18
- some 'group' management updates, but only half done... soon...
Monday 1/16/2012
- better privacy for people using nicks - birthday and location are hidden from '/finger', karma is fuzzed for '/karma'
- tab complete for command and now sort them alphabetically, more user and mod commands are added to auto-complete
- possible fixes for inability to find user in rooms for certain cases (when trying to kick/silence trolls, etc)
- defaulting to disabling PM and whisper audio notifications (much rejoicing!)
- fixed whisper beeps for incoming whispers, not outgoing whispers (a danger of testing incoming+outgoing on same machine)
- fixed badge adding hack
- sending offline messages to mods@(roomname) now just goes to owners + self-mods, not the current mods
- people perma banned from group rooms now get a link to message the room owners when they attempt to visit the group or posts page
Saturday 1/14/2012
- un-disabling a cam no longer requires a cam refresh for the cam to start working again
- small increase in size of karma-bump for people that gift hearts to other people and pay by card (not paypal/google)
- fixed issue where 'posts' was 'red' after a server reset even if there weren't new posts
- fixed issue with groups and posts being delay loaded after a site reset (i.e. not appearing until someone cached them by directly navigating to them)
- auto-kick for trolly cam reports
- possible fix for recent burst of exceptions
- stopped bloop on an outgoing whisper to someone else
Friday 1/13/2012
- fixed issue of not remembering which cams were disabled when repositioning/refreshing cams
- NEW: remembers which cams you have disabled (if you leave room and come back it will automatically re-disable the cams you had disabled).  Only for monthly supporters, people that paid $5.99 in past month or $3 in past week.
- add bloops for PMs and whispers
- bloops for PMs can be disabled with '/set pmbeep=0'
- bloops for whispers can be disabled with '/set whisperbeep=0
- pressing escape key once now cams you down if you are on-cam, pressing escape key twice still logs you out of the room (emergency kill switch)
- updated contact form for more helpful information on how to inquire about a possible room ban
Wednesday 1/11/2012
- new emergency get-out-of-chat key -- hit 'esc' twice to cam down and leave quickly
- improved payment and mail processing
Monday 1/9/2012
- more javascript/flash interface rewriting - bug fixing and better support for IE and Safari
- fixed issue with text trigger no-spam time window preventing messages with trigger words from being delivered to everyone
- rooms are recycled/freed for re-use if no one enters them for 2 weeks EXCEPT for rooms where the primary room owner is a monthly supporter - those now stay around
Saturday 1/7/2012
- rewrote javascript/flash interface to better support Safari
Thursday 1/5/2012
- better possible fix for /banned command lag issue
- improved/fixed payment processing on Firefox and IE.  Safari may still have issues.  Chrome still works well.
- improved error logging for some recent issues
Wednesday 1/4/2012
- possible fix for 5-10 minute performance issue after a server reset or update
- possible fix for /banned causing the mod to lag out of the room
- added timestamping (faint) of latest post comment in the post summary/title
- fixed bug where some posts indicated they had attachments but didn't
Tuesday 1/3/2012
- fixes for some intermittent problems (regressions?) some people were seeing with the 1/2/2012 site release
Monday 1/2/2011
- added Dec 2011 bandwidth data to the 'GetHearted' page (wasn't expecting that much of increase because of holidays, etc)
- many 'server' messages are now 'icanhazchat' messages
- room perma bans are forced to reload when room mods type '/banned' (possible fix for some perma-room bans not getting cleared until a server reset)
- 'contact' link now goes to 'contact' page ('feedback' renamed, but still works too)
- lots of 'under the hood' work with automating payment handling
- error recording/logging updates
Friday 12/30/2011
- revamped secret santa pages, who got who is listed, now give karma for uploading gift info/pictures
- page bandwidth optimizations
Thursday 12/29/2011
- auto-detect and restart site if too many people are getting the 'ouch' page while enumerating rooms for display on main landing page
- tweaked messaging on group adds
- tweaked language for paypal 1-time payments, and whatsnew & whatsold pages
- tweaked 'you are broadcasting' message
Wednesday 12/28/2011
- improved dmca tracking
- added karma minimum as an option for joining a group
Saturday 12/24/2011
- updated 'room settings' display
- added graphical room message for when the server is being updated
- improved ad rotation
Tuesday 12/20/2011
- improved scroll performance when displaying lists of rooms
- adjusted cam balancing
- clicking 'offer' multiple times to offer someone else your cam slot (when cam slots are full) should now only generate 1 message to the room
- improved handling of server messages
Monday 12/19/2011
- optimized balancing of cam traffic between servers
- if cam slots are full and more than one cammer offers their slot to a new commer, whose cam slot they get is now random
- unread messages/posts no longer push 'shop' to the next line in the banner
- updated to latest version of jquery
- rotating ads
Sunday 12/18/2011
- post notifications sent to large groups now sent as whispers
- audio on/off (push to talk or otherwise) messages now only seen when you have notifications enabled
- minor ui changes, updated broadcasting control links (audio on/off, push2talk, configure, etc) to make them easier to understand
- fixed formatting of server chat messages
Saturday 12/17/2011
- fixed intermittent issue with $3 and $5.99 one-time supporters not getting extra features (under 'My Extras' on 'Settings' page)
- added support for emoticons to profile pages, offline messages and posts
Thursday 12/15/2011
- upload new holiday customizable icons (for monthly supporters and recently hearted people)
- users can now mark group-offline-messages as unread
- fixed isues with new posts not always turning 'posts' red
- moved some static site text to be run-time editable
Wednesday 12/14/2011
- now tells the room when you offer your cam slot to someone else
- possible fix for 'messages' and 'posts' being turned red when they shouldn't be
- fixed emoticons for /me actions that contain @nick in them (was causing many malformed client requests)
- now acting on whitelisted email server list
Saturday 12/10/2011
- if cams are full when someone attempts to cam up, people on cam can click a link to have the server offer their particular cam slot to that specific person
- updated how users qualify for 'extras' (custom icons, reserved nicks, etc) - you qualify if you have paid 3.00 in past week, 5.99 in past month, or total payments have reached a threshold
Saturday 12/10/2011
- improved 'cam back' input url scrubbing to minimize incorrect requests
- expanded text trigger block window from 15 seconds to 30
- pop-up pictures in 'post' threads are now smaller
- removed all ads temporarily
- post notifications for large groups (>100) should come through in chat as whispers
- hitting 'enter' before buttons are enabled on room entry screen should no longer trigger an Amazon product search
Wednesday 12/7/2011
- added ability to 'close' new secret santa sign-ups but allow existing participants to update their preferences (until matches are assigned (Dec 9th))
- tweaks to admin server/site health monitoring
- "offline message" and "posts" optimizations/speed-ups
Tuesday 12/6/2011
- fixed hitting 'enter' on the main landing page
- fixed it so mods with custom icons can now tab through mod commands (using tab complete)
- behind-the-scenes optimizations
Monday 12/5/2011
- fixed nick changes for custom icon users that are currently on-cam
- moved 'get hearted' ads from the footer to the banner bar, now hide them for people that are already hearted
- internal optimization/stability changes
- added ability for admins to close a room until a certain time ('this room opens in 20 minutes'), may make it available to room owners soon
- added working 'shopping!' link to header ( start your holiday shopping here :P )
Saturday 12/3/2011
- group/post page backgrounds are now dynamic, based on the main room background
- font experiments on non-chat pages
- fixed some layout issues with posts
- adjusted how 'post' notifications work in public groups ('owners' get PMs, everyone else gets in-chat mention (not pop-up PMs)).
Thursday 12/1/2011
- 'posts' page and main 'landing page' now sorts post based on most recent, and calls out which group it is for
- better screening of room and cam back URLs, to make sure they are valid (to minimize server errors/requests for incorrectly entered URLs)
- updated group invite command section to mention the new '/group (group-name) invite' command
- reordered header links
Wednesday 11/30/2011
- trying new options for adding people to groups
- created a 'posts' page
- created a 'secret santa' program for groups
- improved display/layout of 'pictures' page, remove/screen out duplicates
- added extra server logging for conditions that might be causing performance issues
Tuesday 11/29/2011
- replying to a post now 'bumps' it to the top of the post page
- fixed minor display glitches on post pages
- moved 'room back' feed from tumblr to 'pictures', still only public imgur links, but only viewable to ICHC accounts, and no longer-term history
- possible fix for 'gethearted' page not being 'yellow' instead of 'green' for https (image-only issue)
- reworked room perma ban calculations to have less impact on site/room performance
Monday 11/28/2011
- add bandwith graph to http://www.icanhazchat.com/gethearted
- updated group and post list display on groups and group pages
- added note to 'gethearted' page about Internet Explorer issues
- updated server code to send semi-automatic notifications about cancelled payments
- afternoon update: group post response notifications come through as whispers if they are more often than every 20 minutes (otherwise they are PMs)
- afternoon update: fixed handling of embedded html in youtube links in profile/messages/posts
- afternoon update: offline message threads now show place holder user icon if user hasn't uploaded one yet
- afternoon update: fixed charting issue that was messing up https icon on 'gethearted' page
Sunday 11/27/2011
- updated mass kick commands (/empty and /kick-idlers) to better handle larger rooms w/o disrupting the site
- updated silencing rules so site mods can silence themselves/each other
Friday 11/25/2011
- fixed post gallery display of some types of imgur links, better handling of errors
- room backgrounds set in non-private rooms (5 or more people) get uploaded to http://icanhazchat.tumblr.com (within 10-30 minutes)
- adjustments so that idle kicking doesn't slow the site to a crawl
- PM windows now better support scrolling (new messages are received and turn tab red, but don't mess up scroll position)
Thursday 11/24/2011
- fix offline group messages so that people messaging site mods, room owners, etc, now correctly see responses (it turns unread in their message list and they see the text of the response)
- deleting account no longer scrambles password, so account-holder can undelete it later by signing back in (if it is before the account is recycled)
Wednesday 11/23/2011
- fixed room perma ban lists to update more quickly
- group member list is now sorted alphabetically
- tweaks to idle kicking to (hopefully) preventing one room from affecting entire site performance =)
Tuesday 11/22/2011
- fixed 'settings' page regression/crash for people that haven't set a profile background image yet
- fixed no-nick room name entries for monthly supporter accounts using reserved nicks
- small tweaks for displaying group messages on the main landing page
Monday 11/21/2011
- improved posting UI and group pages
Saturday 11/19/2011
- reserved nicks can be used on entry to no-nick rooms
- first pass at posts and image galleries, only turned on for small groups for testing
Thursday 11/17/2011
- work on the 'groups' and individual 'group' pages
- monthly supporters can now reserve two nicks (under 'Settings'->'My Extras')
Wednesday 11/16/2011
- fixed automatic processing of PayPal emails (paying by credit card is still more anon and gets processed faster)
- adjust cam report/auto-ban logic to minimize false/trolly cam reports
- more 'under the hood' work to remove dependencies on 3rd party libraries
Friday 11/11/2011
- 'server' now sends a message when you receive a new trophy
- fix/adjustments for intermittent room joining issue
- adjusted perma room ban processing to (fingers crossed) avoid site crawling after server has been restarted
Tuesday 11/8/2011
- stability improvements and typo fixes
Monday 11/7/2011
- fixed tellmods issue with /muzzle
- re-added 'code challenge' page, now has real content
- archiving an offline message now sends the message (before archiving) if you entered a response that hasn't been sent yet.  Some people hit alt-a (archive) instead of alt-s (send), other just want to send the message and archive the thread in a single step
- individuals can now delete a group offline message thread from their inbox (if there are future replies it will re-appear)
- possible fix for room mod '/clear randomly clears again at later times' issue
- monthly supporters now automatically get the gold heart trophy on their profile when paying on ICHC (going through PayPal still requires manual steps for site admins... i.e. delays)
- fixed disappearing group-offline-messages for future messages
- fixed lulzy infinite client-server loop when the server sends a PM to someone (unread offline messages, etc) that is currently blocking PMs
- title for cam back pop up image displayer now fixed
- fixed the @name bloop noise for Firefox (mp3 isn't supported, wav is, but wav is smaller? lol)
Sunday 11/6/2011
- new /muzzle and /muzzled command for mods to deal with annoying people w/o the drama/butthurt/retaliation of kicks/silences
- fixed layout issues for offline messages and GetHearted pages
- better error logging on the server, to help track down intermittent issues some people have been having
- 'mrawe' is hearted again
Saturday 11/5/2011
- textonly chat option is back
- contact form now sends issues to all site mods, dmca info to dmca people
- layout tweaks on most pages and offline
- site mods can now mark user profile images as PG15 (suitable for displaying elsewhere on the site (like (yet to be written) message forums, other pages)
- fixed IE layout issues
Friday 11/4/2011
- first pass at supporting multi-account messaging, to reach room owners, perma mods (more details soon after it is tested a bit more)
- improved detection and handling of troll cam reports
Tuesday 11/1/2011
- some security enhancements
- can now change the sitebackground daily
Saturday 10/29/2011
- fixed room settings issues for cases of </3 and other characters in welcome text, room rules and tellmods convo
- implemented new error page, still not very helpful <3
- being silenced by a room mod now persists between page refreshes
- added ability to hide recent room list from the main page
- support the site, start your amazon shopping here
- added ~daily background image to most non-room pages, contact/feedback form now has a way for people to suggest new backgrounds
Wednesday 10/26/2011
- fixed offline message urls for all cases (regression w/ upgrading framework)
- now first person to ever enter room is the owner, not the first person to save room settings - this will lead to more abandoned/mis-spelled rooms which will soon be cleared out quicker (currently ~2 weeks before they are recycled)
- add GoogleCheckout and PayPal graphics to the 'GetHearted' page
- site user names are now hotlinked in offline messages (if they are listed one-per-line)
- fixed issue with adding/removing room owners bouncing you back to the main landing page
Monday 10/24/2011
- tweaks to user's recent room lists
- tweaks to handling a cam server going down
- updates to minimize 'unread messages' messages when there aren't unread messages
- upgrading web framework version, (breaks text-only version of chat, so it's temporarily(?) removed)
- icon fixes for site mods
Sunday 10/23/2011
- fix for a problem some users were having with viewing their 'Settings' page
- 'GetHearted' page improvements - more error cases displayed back to the user, more graphics, probably fix for https warning
Saturday 10/22/2011
- fixed 'zero mods displays in room' issue when a mod refreshes the room
- new payment options - can subscribe and/or gift using Visa/MC/Amex directly without using Paypal or Google Checkout.
- fixed/improved the fly
- offline message page now has shortcut key tips
- attempted to update web framework and ran into lots of little regressions and broke local debugging, will save that for another day :P
- fixed display of 'leaving room' notification for custom icon people
Tuesday 10/19/2011
- minor improvements on room entry page
- fixed typos
- selectable icons in the room user list for monthly supporters
- groups have can be made to have hidden user lists
Monday 10/17/2011
- fixed problem with switching PG15 room to R18
- fixed room ban issues
- added shortcut keys to offline message page (alt-s to send, alt-a to archive, alt-u to mark unread, and alt-x to delete)
Sunday 10/16/2011
- fully deleted accounts are now removed from room owner/self-mod and group owner/inviter lists
- improved error handling of page errors (no more generic server error pages, better error logging)
- geolocation exif information now stripped and trophies/badges resized (for previously uploaded photos and new uploads)
- re-ordered buttons on offline messages page
- '/group help' now implemented
- room rules now supports the same markdown/bbcode as profile pages and room welcome text
- if a non-mod contacts the mods using '/tellmods' it now displays '[not a mod, respond directly]' so that mods know they won't see responses in tellmod PMs.
- rooms can be made no-audio rooms at room owner request -- flash isn't coded yet to prevent audio broadcasting, so audio cammers are auto-cammed-down.
- reverting back to not allowing R18 rooms to be changed back to PG15
Friday 10/14/2011
- changed how youtube and self-beep preferences are stored, you may have to reset them
- created cheaper monthly subscription option
- new accounts now get redirected to 'settings' page by default
- settings page clean-up / re-implemented with ajax (mostly)
- minor 'room settings' and 'offline message' UI tweaks
- fixed PayPal subscription link
Thursday 10/13/2011
- now accepting cashiers checks and money orders ( see http://www.icanhazchat.com/GetHearted )
- clicking the friday fly now recorded for karma (but not in karma formula yet) ... more than once a day won't count
- login failures no longer confirm/deny the account name is correct
- entry page for group rooms reminds people its a group room (and provides link to the group page)
- site should no longer tell you that you have new unread messages when you don't
- only room owners and self-mods should be able to change triggers
- roomban info recalculated more frequently
Sunday 10/9/2011
- 2nd update: fixed it so unregistered accounts can enter rooms again
- 2nd update: 'settings' page now displays without error for new users
- 2nd update: more colors allowed
- long room topics are now displayed on two lines
- hotlinked user names in chat are now display at correct font-size for all text chat window font sizes
- should no longer get cam down notifications for people that were just previewing
- now hiding ads for site supporters
- people that want to support the site can opt out of being hearted in the user list if they want (use the Contact (other) form)
- possible fix to the captcha/registration over https issue that some people have been experiencing
- improved agechecked entry language to be a little less confusing for cam banned accounts
Saturday 10/8/2011
- you can disable audio notifications for when someone addresses you (@nick) with '/set selfbeep=0'
- fixed emoticons in /me messages
- fixed trolly color on refresh case
- disabled autocam down for certain rooms
- tweaked cam report logic, should now require less real-time site admin intervention
- improved cam back sizing for firefox
- recent room list on home page now displayed in random order
Thursday 10/6/2011
- fixed hotlinking of server response/generate messages
- if you have in-chat notifications turned on you now get a notification when people cam up/down
- experimenting with playing a sound when someone addresses you in chat (with @(yournick))
- experimenting with jlist ads -- these are affiliate, not per-view/per-click, ads. so probably $0/month
Tuesday 10/4/2011
- if you delete your account, but log back into it before it is recycled, it is automatically undeleted
- can now **bold**, *italicize*, ***bold and italicize*** and ~~strikethrough~~ text in chat
- 'speaker name' in the chat convo/history is now hotlinked to display the user info pop-up when clicked
- increased trigger output text length so that triforcing works again
Sunday 10/2/2011
- fixed displaying of PM window when user is zoomed in (no more "non-visible" PM windows?)
- can make youtube links open in new tab (instead of pop-up window) with '/set youtube=0'
- getting rerouted to log-in screen may return you to where you were trying to go after successful log-in
- Contact/Feedback form now submits feature requests/bugs directly into the bug database
- main landing page may now display your recent rooms (if they are still populated)
- entering group-protected rooms direct you to group joining page (unless group is marked as private)
- first attempt at camming in a room tells you to wait to see the preview before hitting broadcast (minimizes black cams)
- probably some other stuff I'm forgetting
Wednesday 9/21/2011
- sending offline message returns you to the message list
- customized recent/group room list displayed on the main landing page
Tuesday 9/20/2011
- sending offline message returns you to the message list
Monday 9/19/2011
- ability to toggle between unread and all offline messages
Saturday 9/17/2011
- possible fix for site slow down/caching issue after server restarts/updates
- if it is an agecheck room then set the room back to the agecheck graphic
- bug fix: now flashing browser title/tabs on new PMs again
- auto-renaming profile images and custom badges
Monday 9/12/2011
- email processing updates/fixes
Sunday 9/11/2011
- now solid red instead of flashing red for unread PMs or offline messages
- PM user interface tweaks
- youtube video links now open in a pop-up instead of a new browser instance/tab
- possible /clear bug fix
- account lists for rooms (owners, self-mods, perma-bans, do-not-mod, etc) are now case insensitive
- removed agechecked language from the group joining process for groups other than 'agechecked'
Thursday 9/8/2011
- fixed PMs for group inviters, agecheckers and sitemods
Wednesday 9/7/2011
- PMs/tellmods no longer flashes when adding your ~own~ message
- new user setting to convert all incoming PMs to whispers, whispers to PMs, or block both (not remembered, available on an as-needed basis)
- brought back the coding challenge page, will be updated in a few days
- room perma bans and silence * should no longer work on site mods :)
Thursday 8/27/2011
- improved cam ban flow - now a little less confusion getting unbanned
- profile picture upload now lists supported formats
Thursday 8/25/2011
- more helpful [img] example on settings page
- tweaks for guest accounts
- command tweaks
- if cams are full, and more than 12 cams in the room, and some have been on for more than an hour, then server might help make way for new cammers
Wednesday 8/24/2011
- more cache optimizations
- fixed nicking issues
- better 'i am 18+' link coloring on profile pages marked 18+
Tuesday 8/23/2011
- fixed hotlinking of urls in offline messages
- more fun with xss
- now notified about who demodded you
- likely fix (i.e. untested) fix for roomban reason display when time period not given
- improved caching of user settings data (should improve perf)
- cached karma displayed on page header should now be in-sync with latest karma value displayed on profile page (previously was up to 24 hour 'lag')
Monday 8/22/2011
- kick notification fixes (some people getting kicked weren't seeing the message/pop-up, this might fix it)
- xss fix
Sunday 8/21/2011
- fix for recent kick regression (disconnecting people from room before telling them they were kicked)
- more fixes to prevent temporary lag after server is rebooted
Saturday 8/20/2011
- possible fixes to prevent horrible temporary lag after server is rebooted
- profile badges with ' in the hover text can now be removed
Thursday 8/18/2011
- room settings page changes for mods and owners
- entering your own agecheck room should now cam you down site wide (in case you forget you are broadcasting elsewhere)
- optimizations to make large (200-1000+ people) rooms run a little smoother
- fixed some issues of perma room bans taking awhile to clear
Saturday 8/14/2011
- sign-in fixes for people resetting passwords or that haven't yet updated from old password scheme
Saturday 8/13/2011
- disabling 'Send' button on send for offline messages to prevent duplicates, triplicates, quaddruplicates, ...
- changing IP address now requires a new signin
- changing password requires entering current password
- signin and register pages now direct to https (https not maintained throughout, coming later, images still come from http)
- adjusted PM sizes to better handle PM floods (suddenly receiving 5+ PMs)
- room cam audio default preferences should now be remembered for rooms that don't have members 24/7
Wednesday 8/10/2011
- camming now requires a registered account (for accruing karma, less hassle if cam reported and agechecking)
Tuesday 8/9/2011
- fixed PMs on Firefox
- auto-parsing of payment emails / quicker hearting for site supporters
- offline messages now prompt before deleting
- fixed known corner cases of URL hotlinking in offline messages
- removed $ from when you nick change or mod-up/mod-down while on cam
Tuesday 8/2/2011
- experimenting with not requiring site accounts, it is up to the room owner about whether non-registered accounts are allowed in (this is on the 'Room Settings' page under 'User Identity')
- implemented /clear command for room mods to clear chat if needed
Monday 8/1/2011
- sign user out of all rooms when they sign out of the site
- don't auto-re-login when entering rooms you have recently left - show the room sign-in/nick selection page first
- remove first time in chat/mod message
- removing leading/trailing spaces from room names
Saturday 7/30/2011
- highlighting of @yourname improved
- fixed formating of previous poll results (shown on room entry)
- /welcome command now hotlinks urls properly
- cam refreshing or refreshing page while someone is audio broadcasting will now redisplay their cam with red text
- now shown in bold: "you have received a private message (PM) - you can toggle it by clicking on the name in the pop-up, or discard it by clicking on the 'x'."
2nd update:
- PMs now work (again) for text-only chat
- fixed room login page to display room background again
Wednesday 7/27/2011
- auto-hiding older messages in offline message threads that have more than 4 messages.  Simple link to redisplay all of them.
- minor formatting changes to 'gethearted' page
- 'custome trophies' are now 'profile badges', logic/display reworked
- make long names use a smaller font in message view, like on profile pages
- SECOND UPDATE: fixed changing room from R-18 to PG-15.
Monday 7/25/2011
- make PG-15 mod room entry message in big letters
- fixed problem with main landing page text changes not getting picked up
Sunday 7/24/2011
- fixed /demod command so only room owners and self-mods should be able to use it
- fixed scrolling message to not cover 'cam disabled' message so that you can get cams back w/o refreshing the page
- removed flood filter for dice rolls, to better support Dungeons and Dragons rooms
- made 'last seen' on profile pages 'more vague' as user page settings option
- have public groups that don't require an inviter list / camming to join (still configurable by site admin, no web ui yet)
- experimenting with allowing R-18 rooms to be reset as PG-15 rooms by room owners, in cases of configuration mistakes
- spinning the bottle now has some random default actions for PG-15 and R-18 rooms, so you can just do '/spin' by itself if you don't have 'action' ideas
- fixed user list bug with an idle person de-idling by nick changing - no longer have both names in the list
- optional custom user trophies for site supporters and people with 1000+ karma (see 'Trophies' on 'Settings' page - do not try impersonating any of the ICHC site trophies (site mod, agechecker, etc) - and use /finger if you suspect someone else is impersonating via trophies)
- fixed 'jack' getting partially red/bolded highlighting of public messages sent to 'jacktheripper'
Sunday 7/17/2011
- color tweaks
- now allowing JPEG files for profile pics
- randomizing the landing page graphic
- registration page now includes link to pipl.com
- re-ordered stuff on 'settings' page
Saturday 7/16/2011
- fixed over-zealous anti-cookie hack code that was making everyone re-sign-in too often
Friday 7/15/2011
- rewrote html/styling
- security enhancements
- perma-mods should be auto-modded before high-karma peopel are modded
- '/demod' command for room owners/perma-mods to demod others in thier room
- room ban improvements
- tellmods history more Euro-friendly
- perma-ignore between two users, can be set by site admin (if requested)
Wednesday 7/13/2011
- new 'update your password' prompt page for when user passwords are in the older (less secure) format or have been manually reset on request by site admin
- room entry pages now remind people to review the 'safety' page
- set the maximum number of dice that be rolled at one time to 20 (to prevent dice spam)
- now have a link to hide/show PM window (can use alt-m to hide/show the window (alt-shift-m on Firefox)
- fixed dice rools so you can't roll thousands of dice at once to spam the room
- text trigger responses now limited to 100 characters or so
- fixed saving 'room settings' when recent tell-mods log contains special chars
Tuesday 7/12/2011
- ability to pick cam broadcasting quality (on room settings page)
		- variable (high quality for 1-4 cams, then medium quality for more)
		- high quality
		- medium quality
		- low quality
- updated hack detection and auto-banning
- GetHearted page should now list recent payment history again
- ground-work for improving room perma-bans (not configurable yet)
- offline message thread layout changes
- audio-notification fixes
Sunday 7/10/2011
- auto-modding-based-on-karma now respects the do-not-mod list
- "/repel" command discontinued (for no longer being useful)
- short-term "/tellmods" convo history now available to other mods on Room Settings page( mod-to-mod notes).  You're welcome Dug <3
- "/cam back" now clears cam backs again
- new '/empty' command (room owners only) can clear out a room (since certain rooms can no longer be cleared by repeling themselves)
- cam reports will tell site-mods if room is PG-15 or R-18
Saturday 7/9/2011
- room level mods now have /rules and /welcome commands to display a link to the room rules and redisplay the room welcome message, so important room information can be redisplayed for everyone easily
- new '/cam time' command for mods, to help increase drama and finger-pointing when cams are full  :)
- text-only chat PMs are fixed
- fix PM minimization issue when there were 2 PMs active
- PM mouse selection of outgoing text fixed
- can no longer accidentally send an offline message to a nick
- room ban fixes
Friday 7/8/2011
- karma rebalancing coming soon
- picture link pop-ups now more reasonably sized
- fixed polls so they can't have empty choices
- whispers can now have | in them
- closed security holes in no-nick rooms
- in-chat notification viewing preference now be saved/loaded properly again
- redirect "/messages" to the "/messages/" on the live server now (fixes offline message viewing when forgetting the trailing "/")
- viva le fly
Thursday 7/7/2011
- added agechecker trophy to age-checkers, so they can be identified seperately from site mods
- cams shouldn't turn off if there are less than 4 people on cam (less of a bandwidth concern than 12 cams)
- go back to defaulting to a minimum of 1 cam for new rooms (can be changed in room settings though)
- url links in chat room text should be displayed with underlines again
- PM window no longer steals input focus when it pops up, other UI/functional fixes, including correct text color now
- minimizing PMs should mark them as read (i.e. stop the tab title from flashing)
Wednesday 7/6/2011
- fix for entering rooms from Facebook
- redesign room test/graphic for room directory and facebook room listing
- email verification tweaks - if you have an AOL email address please try again :)
- can now cam-ban by current nick
- no-nick and minimum-karma room entry restriction fixes
Tuesday 7/5/2011
- invite rooms now default to large single cam again
- admining fixes
- added exception handling in case mark-down conversion happens again on live server
- allowing more than 8 cams and whispers (not PMs) in PG-15 rooms
Monday 7/4/2011
- support for PG-15 and R-18 rooms
- PMs and whispers are disabled for PG-15 rooms
- new rooms default to PG-15 (rooms can be switched from PG-15 to R-18 by the owner on the 'Room Settings' page)
- PG-15 rooms current have a max of 8 cams (to remain compatible with FB layout)
- anti-troll experiment: can have minimum karma requirements for room entry
- anti-troll experiment: ability to have no-nick rooms
- push-to-talk for broadcasting audio (may not work in all browsers yet)
- rooms now default to having a minimum of 4 cam slots.  This can be set to the old default of '1' by the room owners on the room settings page
- now have the ability to mark a message as unread again
- you can stop the 'unread messages' link from flashing by clicking on it (chat page refresh no longer required)
Saturday 7/2/2011
- update chathelp page with trophy and karma information
- room owners and self-modders can now mass forgive bans with: /forgive *
- 2nd 'has stopped broadcasting audio' not displayed if someone that has been audio-silenced turns mic off
- when room mods cam someone down the raw command no longer gets echo'd to the room (still goes to other mods)
- brought back the background gradient on some pages
- no longer display blank PM window on the first toggle
- forcing all browsers to get the latest javascript/CSS, will fix lingering PM window issues some saw
Thursday 6/30/2011
- PMs are now resizable
- room owners can now self-mod in rooms without adding themselves to the self-mod list
- agechecked inviters should be able to forgive and re-apply cam bans without site-mod help
Wednesday 6/29/2011
- PMs are now draggable (but don't click on a PM vertical scroll bar just yet, fixing soon)
Tuesday 6/28/2011
- revamped PM system and UI, there are some minor bugs listed at the bottom of the http://www.icanhazchat.com/ChatHelp page, help accepted :)
- 'tellmods' should no longer show as whispers for mods that show as 'idle' in the user list
- when clicking the link to refresh the user list, input focus is now automatically set to chat text input
- lots of little bug fixes
Sunday 6/26/2011
- notification sounds are working again (in modern browsers, not IE) - you can turn them on with the audio icon under the chat text entry
- notification sounds are now on by default for new users (can easily be disabled/remembered)
- internal optimizations
- update code to support 18+ and non-18+ rooms (internally)
- added 'restricted 18+' graphic to entry of all 18+ rooms (all rooms, for now)
- add ability for some profile pages to be marked as 18+
- invite rooms now include a random number to make them harder to guess
Saturday 6/25/2011
- room mods get some cam report info (which cam and why, not who reported it) so they can help more
- mods/owners/sitemods should now be able to kick themselves again
- can now provide an optional reason when kicking
Friday 6/24/2011
- internal rewrite :) , fixed 'room topic' topic bug
- added trophies to the 'GetHearted' page
- in-chat user info dialog (from clicking on user list) now opens in upper left instead of middle of page
- some command updates/fixes
- randomized trophy order on the profile page
- site-mods now can't give out the same trophy twice to same person
Thursday 6/23/2011
- improved payment parsing
- cam reporting/ban tweaks
- '/cam silence' mods can turn off audio for a cam
- Updated: possible fix for cam block lists sometimes not working after being in the room a long time
Tuesday 6/21/2011
- group add cam-up message now displays less info for most groups
- added '/karma' room command
Monday 6/20/2011
- now displaying your own karma in the header/banner
- now calculating karma ~once daily based on chat participation in addition to profile data
- moved bulk of 'whatsnew' into 'whatsold'
Wednesday 6/15/2011
- behind the scenes improvements to room signin
- jquery button styling and email verification tweaks
- fix for '/roomban /roomban' issue
- removed unused javascript
Tuesday 6/14/2011
- improved email verification
- added karma to user profile pop-ups in user list
Monday 6/13/2011
- removed user list hover menu, clicking on user names now gives a pop-up with user information and commands
- implemented '/nocolor' chat command for converting all chat text to black
- fixed entering Facebook rooms so that you can enter with a nick instead of your ICHC account name
- possible fix for facebook rooms losing their human-readable name sometimes, will redesign FB 'interest' room naming someday? :)
Sunday 6/12/2011
- add 'room directory' link to the bottom of each page
- people with ICHC accounts now enter
- accounts with NO profile information deleted after 3 months without use
Saturday 6/11/2011
New name/account squating policy:
- accounts WITH profile information deleted after 6 months without use
- accounts with NO profile information deleted after 3 months without use
Friday 6/10/2011
- added ability to list public Facebook rooms in a room directory on ICHC and FB
- added ability to enable/disable the public Facebook room directory
Wednesday 6/8/2011
- email verification: included more information in the email, and improved server side code so they get the trophy
- send offline welcome message to people creating new accounts
- send offline message to people when they join a group
Tuesday 6/7/2011
- room owners can now abort polls (used to just be the people that started it)
- behind the scenes work on FB rooms
- behind the scenes works on sitemod coordination
- adding to agechecked group now requires a comment note (for birth month/year)
- not randomizing cam order images for 6 or 12 cam images, now allowing 12 cam iamges
Saturday 6/4/2011
- site now has temporary 'read-only / maintenance' mode, to make it cleaner to transition servers (prevents people from creating new accounts, messages, settings)
- group inviters list now includes how active they are
- fixed settings page html issue when reloading bios that contain HTML (allowed HTML to be increased in the future)
- offline messaging fixed for the case of sending different messages in different browser tabs
- laying the ground work for Facebook ICHC rooms to be the pubic rooms (after transition to higher capacity server is complete)
Friday 6/3/2011
- minor wording and layout changes
Wednesday 6/1/2011
- re-add recent payments to the 'GetHearted' page, expense details shown when balance goes red for too long
- stop people from setting the room/cam backs to a page URL instead of an image URL

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