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Welcome Gone Wilders

r/gonewild chat is not modded by r/gonewild mods -- if you have a chat issue use the 'Message the room owners' link at the bottom of this page.

Read the rules before participating. The current room name is found at the bottom of the rules.

Chat rules

  • This room runs on respect. Show respect to those around you, and you will get it back. Act like a douche, and you will likely get that back too. This is a community; if you feel like it isn't the one for you, leave.
  • Take all steps to preserve your anonymity (you are responsible for your own safety).
  • No posting others' personal info (including name, location, name/profiles on other websites). Don't be creepy. Respect the anonymity of the chatters or be banned.
  • No capping (image or video capture of cams) without explicit permission.
  • Karma limits for PMs are here to prevent people from creeping on/driving away new people. Attempt to skirt it and you may be banned.
  • Do not pester people to Skype with you. If someone new to you is asking for your skype, please PM the mods.
  • drama-y tellmod-fails that go to room ("./tellmods why'd u cam mi down m8?") may result in temp banning
  • This is a predominantly English-speaking room. A couple of lines is fine, but please don't have a conversation in other languages. It's not social and makes it difficult for the community to determine if someone is harassing or being trolly.
  • GW is a place for everyone to feel comfortable while sexually expressing themselves. A welcoming community and positive reception is what makes people more likely to go wild. If you would like to discuss something which could distract from people fapping/sexing on cam, please choose to be respectful of them.
  • Excessive trolling will not be tolerated. It provides a bad example for new chatters and more importantly, is in general poor taste for a community that is meant to be open and accepting of its members. Mods (2+) will discuss privately and will use their discretion.
  • Do not link to pictures/posts of other chatters without their permission. When you have permission, linking to posts (instead of directly to pictures) is preferred, as it: [1] allows people to upvote, and [2] makes it clearer to the room mods that it is a publicly available picture.
  • Must be 18 or older. If there are concerns, you may be asked to join http://www.icanhazchat.com/group/agechecked.
  • 1 warning and then a ban for any mention of cam-girl sites
  • No criticizing other's bodies. Do not harass people on cam.
  • No simulated (or real) sexual acts involving animals, children, sleeping/unconscious people. No children on cam (even if they can't see cams)
  • No weapons, suicide talk, cutting or blood/scat play.
  • No complaining about cam ratio(male/female) or lack of nudity. There is also no need to announce which cams you are disabling.
  • Do not discuss emotionally-charged topics such as religion or politics in open chat. You are welcome to discuss them in PMs or in another room.
  • No racism, sexism, misogyny, misandry, homophobia, transphobia, etc.
  • Linking to, 'invading' or 'stealing' cammers from other rooms causes unwanted drama and may result in being kicked or banned. If you see something questionable in another room, report the cam and/or send the information to the sitemods using the 'Contact' page.
  • Talking about any of the GW rooms (or linking to them) in other ICHC rooms is an immediate ban.
  • It is OK to link to rooms you have created yourself -- off-shoot rooms are sometimes created when the main topic or rules do not match the main GW rooms (examples: truth or dare, game cams, yoga cams, etc).
  • When cams are full: a) If you're not adding to the 'gonewild' aspect of the room or participating in chat, give up your cam slot as a courtesy to those who are. b) If you're cammed in more than 1 room and the cam slots are full, please cam down as a courtesy to those waiting. c) During peak times when cam slots are in high demand, mods may cam down people who are not 'going wild' to open spots for others.
  • No publicly posting chat logs.
  • No reposting whispers or PMs in public. If someone is harassing you in whispers or PMs, bring it to the attention of a room mod (use the /tellmods command) and/or room owners (link at the bottom of the room page). Save chat transcripts of any harassment and forward it using the "contact room owners" link at the bottom of the room page.
  • Mods will advise of rules on first warning and advise of possible ban on second warning. Instant ban for aggressive racism/capping/posting personal info of others.


  • Don't get into personal arguments in public chat. These should be taken to private communication.
  • Don't ask people to private if you haven't known them for awhile.
  • Don't criticize people of either gender for getting naked or doing some act. Close their cam if you don't want to see it.
  • Don't run video game playing cams during busy times. Rationale: it is not social and tends to drive some people away.
  • Don't compare bodies, directly or indirectly. Sure you might find person X more attractive than person Y, but it hurts the room when you broadcast it.


  • You get more respect and trust if you go on cam. You don't have to be on a lot for this.
  • If being harassed through chat or in PM please use /tellmods to let the room mods know. Save chat transcripts of any harassment and forward it using the "contact room owners" link at the bottom of the room page.
  • One of the more common mistakes people make at first is to attempt to direct naked people by telling them what to do. This doesn't usually work and can result in people being annoyed. You are more likely to be successful with a more subtle approach, and by complimenting them.
  • It's important to realize that males (naked or otherwise) bring females. If you don't like seeing males, just disable their cams.
  • The chat isn't always about sex. Most of the people are geeks and/or redditors and talk about that kind of stuff a lot.
  • Lurking is a good way for newcomers to get a feel for how the room works. Long-time lurkers tend to make people nervous. Don't be that guy.


  • Accounts are optional for chatting on this site, but the gonewild room is usually configured (by the gonewild room owners) to require a registered account. This is usually done to help minimize trolling, people impersonating other users, etc.
  • Like on Reddit, accounts are free and do not require email.

Current Room

The current room is halloweiners: https://www.icanhazchat.com/halloweiners

The room may move without warning. Being a regular on-cam participant is a good way to stay in-the-loop.

Having a chat problem? Message the room owners at https://www.icanhazchat.com/messages/owners@halloweiners

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