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Cam Help

Are you using an Android or iOS device that doesn't support flash? Try the Puffin browser for viewing cams.

If Flash is behaving poorly on Chrome for you try

Does your MacBook Pro get hot when using Chrome? Disable hardware acceleration (under 'Settings > Show advanced settings').

Note: If you are having troubles camming on a Mac, try uninstalling Google Voice, or accessing your cam with another program (such as ManyCam) before starting your browser.

Or perhaps Google Talk is the source of your flash camming issues.

Note: if you complete the steps below but have problems clicking on 'Configure' in the flash when trying to cam in a room, make sure your browser zoom is set to 100%. Zooming in/out can interfer with clicking on Flash UI elements.

To Broadcast

  1. Right click this Flash applet and select 'Settings'
  2. Select your video source (ManyCam is a helpful free cam utility for Windows and Mac).
  3. Select your audio source/microphone.
  4. Allow Flash to access your camera and microphone, and ask it to remember it. This step can also be done on this page at the Adobe website.
  5. Press the 'Close' button on the Flash 'Settings' dialog.

You should now be all set.

To View Cams

If you are unable to view cams
  1. Make sure you are not in the text-only version of the room
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed
  3. Try switching browsers
  4. Try rebooting
  5. Some school/work networks block ports used for cams