Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the profile trophies?

See the Chat Help page for more information.

Q: What are these karma points listed on my profile page?

See the Chat Help page for more information.

Q: I got bounced out of a room and now everyone is gone

The room mods may have banned you for some reason. Room bans will auto-expire with 1-24 hours (configurable by the room mods). ICHC stays out of room modding issues unless the room mods are violating or encouraging others to violate the TOS of the site.

Q: Room mods? What"s that?

Anyone can create or mod a room.

If a room hasn"t been used in 2+ weeks then it is recycled so that someone else can re-create it in the future.

Room creators (also called room "owners") are the original room "mod" and can control who can "self-mod" in the room and who are prevented from becoming mod.

Room mods are chatters with temporarily elevated permissions that help mod a room based on the room"s rules. If you are having an issue in a room you can private message the current room mods by sending them a message with the /tellmods command.

Above this, there are site-level mods. If someone is claiming to be a site-level mod you can verify it by using the /finger command on them. Site-level mods respond when someone reports a cam -- they are volunteers here to chat with friends and may get grumpy if you are reporting a cam for fun. The best way to report an issue that isn"t a cam violating the site TOS is to use the "Contact" link and leave an email address.