Can I be recorded while on cam?

Yes, you can always be recorded.

Is it a good idea to give out my personal information?

No. Even if you are chatting with people you know afk (’away from keyboard’ / i.e. ’real life’) be aware that others in the room might be paying attention.

Your name, phone, Skype, Google+, Facebook, etc maybe used to find more information about you.

Offline messaging was added to this site so you can keep in-touch with ’chat’ people that aren’t always on at the same time without giving out your personal info.

Should I post links to my Facebook pictures

Some Facebook photo URLs can be used to find your Facebook account and name. It would be safer to use a photo hosting service like which is more anonymous and will remove embedded geotag location information from your pictures (if they were embedded by your camera/phone).

I want to report illegal/inappropriate content in a room

If it is on cam, use the "Report" button in the upper right of the cam to report it immediately.

Otherwise contact us using the contact link at the bottom of the page - be sure to include the roomname in question as well as any other important information.

I have another issue, not mentioned above.

Contact us using the contact link.