Room Rules for ca

The #1 Rule about CA Chat. Do not talk about CA Chat outside of CA Chat. This is a real rule. This is a room for Crippling Alcoholics. Do not invite your friends. This isn't a fucking cocktail lounge.
You need a verified by email ICHC account to join.
If you receive abuse/perving, use /tellmods or share it in main chat.
Do not recruit to other rooms.
We strongly discourage self-harming. If you feel like you are going to self-harm, please at least provide your contact information to someone in the room.
Do not post personal info unless it is agreed ie. open-knowledge real names.
If you have an unsolvable issue, go to or click the "contact room owners" button.
No swearing. No mayo-based activities. Do not insult The Notebook. Do not link Radiohead. No trading/selling cats. No trusting farts.