Room Rules for ca

Do not talk about CA Chat outside of CA Chat.
You need 25 karma to join. Verify your email and fill out profile info and a pic.
If you receive abuse/perving, use /tellmods or share it in main chat.
Do not troll other rooms or recruit to other rooms.
We strongly discourage self-harming. If you feel like you are going to self-harm, please at least provide your contact information to someone in the room.
Do not post personal info unless it is agreed ie. open-knowledge real names.
If you have an unsolvable issue, go to or click the "contact room owners" button.
No swearing. No mayo-based activities. Do not insult The Notebook.
  • If you have an issue please use /tellmods insert comment here; if the issue relates to a moderator then feel free to PM a room owner (ronniec, oldmill, big_duke6).

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