Room Rules for ca

The #1 Rule about CA Chat. Do not talk about CA Chat outside of CA Chat. This is a real rule. This is a room for Crippling Alcoholics. Do not invite your friends. This isnt a fucking cocktail lounge.

#2 Rule: You need 25 karma to join. Verify your email and fill out profile info and pic and this should give you enough. Apologies to existing members with >25 karma but these are requirements for all.

The rest of the rules:

Don't be a dick; don't be a perv; don't lurk.

Do not abuse the generosity of others, financially or otherwise.

Do not participate in invading/trolling other rooms to draw negative attention toward us, in particular r/drunk

Do not "recruit" to another room. If caught doing so, you will be banned. If you are approached to join another room, report it to /tellmods or room owners.

Don't log your PMs. It's creepy and also against ICHC's ToS.

No one cares about your relationship drama. Keep that shit to your chat friends in PM.

While we are all drunk and retarded, we don't like to see each other on the brink of potential death. Use your best discretion with your fuckery.

There is a difference between humor and hate. Don't be hateful; don't spam any one word because you think it's funny.

If you are being perved on via PM, please feel free to share the messages with public chat, or use /tellmods.

When you join this room, and if you look or do something funny, you might get screencapped for our own amusement. If you are offended, it will be removed. No nude photos will be posted without permission.

No posting of anyone elses personal information without consent.

If you intend on taking a cam slot, use it and participate openly in chat.

No children on cam unless you are a long-standing trusted member.

If you have an unsolvable issue, go to or click the "contact room owners" button.

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